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Voted Most Helpful Review 2011 Dynamax DynaQuest 340 XL

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Dynamax makes a quality RV and you can get it customized to your liking. Unfortunately, if you do your own maintenance, it is not "user friendly". There are lots of "automatic" systems that as long as they work are wonderful. However, when they fail, they are hard to diagnose and extremely expensive to repair.

Dynamax no longer offers repairs at the factory and "farms" most of it out locally in Elkhart. I think that most of the owners miss the opportunity to get if fixed correctly the first time by the factory personnel. I cannot say the same for some of their authorized repair centers.

The Freightlines chassis performs admirably. You can cruise all day at 70 mph and not feel tired. Having an aerodynamic profile makes it easier on fuel and a lot more controllable in cross winds. With a 30-40K tow capability, you don't know that the toad is behind you unless you check the rear camera. Getting routine maintenance is easier with the Super-C chassis than any Class A and the repair centers are more numerous and are willing to work on the chassis since it is similar to most of the trucks that they routinely service.
- Transit Man, Illinois

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