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Used 2022 Coachmen Cross Trail XL 20CB for Sale by Owner in Vaughn, Washington

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FOR SALE: 2022 Coachmen Cross Trail XL 20CB AWD motorhome with only 14,250 miles $87,500 USD - Negotiable
Class C / Vaughn, WA

This lightly used 2022 COACHMEN CROSS TRAIL XL 20CB is in excellent shape, filled with a bunch of extras, and is the perfect vehicle for your next outdoor adventure.

Why should you look at this particular RV? Here are the reasons that sold me—and why you might want to consider getting this RV, too:

• ALL WHEEL DRIVE: There’s nothing that gives you the confidence to handle poor weather and road conditions like all-wheel drive. Ford’s easy dashboard drive selector enables you to lock in all 4 wheels for rutted/muddy roads and other conditions.

• HEAVY DUTY DUALLY (double-wheeled) rear axle: The stability and comfort this heavy-duty rear axle with 4 wheels offers when driving—even at highway speed—is fantastic.

• MODERN DRIVING CONVENIENCES AND SAFETY FEATURES: Ford put all sorts of enhancements in this chassis that make driving safer and more comfortable. This includes:
o Adaptive cruise control (adjust speed and even breaks when necessary to maintain appropriate distance between you and the car in front of you)
o Side cameras: You not only have large regular side mirrors, but you also have convex mirrors plus side-view cameras. Together, they really help you identify where vehicles are around you and promote safe lane changing.
o Lane drift, power-assist anti-collision alert & braking, sleep alert, etc.: Additional intelligence to help the driver stay within the proper lane and alert you to find a rest stop if you seem drowsy.

• PERFECT LENGTH: With a total length just under 24’, I have all the comforts I need while being able to fit into just about any campground site, including coveted spots in several state and national parks. I can also park this in a standard-width parking space—something that really helps when looking for a spot at popular trail heads with limited room.

• DRY BATHROOM: This RV has a fully dedicated shower in the bathroom that’s separate from the toilet and sink area. That means you get to take a hot shower any time you want without the fuss and mess of wet bathroom designs where the shower sprays all over the toilet and sink area.

• DEDICATED MASTER BED: I really wanted to have a real, permanent bed that was separate from a dining bench & table setup. None of this set up, take down, move everything, re-set your bed routine. In this RV, there’s a very comfortable bed in the rear of the RV, plus another double bed in the cab-over area! Of course there’s a separate dinette area that can also convert into additional sleeping space—but I get to have both bed and dinette full-time since I don't need so many sleeping areas.

• WI-FI EXTENDER: This RV includes a factory installed Wifi Ranger—a powered wi-fi signal booster that greatly enhances your connection to any available wifi signal.

• FULLY EQUIPPED KITCHEN: I like to be able to cook my own food, and do it just like I’m at home. This RV has a great kitchen setup that includes:
o 3-burner gas stove with enough space between the burners to allow me to use decent-sized pots.
o Decent-sized all-stainless kitchen sink with tall swivel faucet.
o Regular sized microwave.
o Several drawers and cabinets to store food, cookware—and even extra racks to hold spices and other condiments.
o Decent counter space, including a fold-up counter extension to give you even more space when cooking.
o Big refrigerator & freezer to hold plenty of perishables for long trips.

• GREAT FOR BOONDOCKING: This RV is fully self-sufficient, offering the capacity to support longer ventures away from sites with full hookups:
o Dual factory-installed solar panels (380W total) with solar power control system to keep the house batteries charged.
o Onan generator to charge batteries, run A/C, microwave, etc.
o Ample water capacity: This RV holds 38 gallons of fresh water, with 26-gallon grey and 21-gallon black tanks.
o Large home-style refrigerator/freezer: This RV has a good-sized refrigerator with a completely separate freezer—just like at home. Plenty of space to stock up on provisions so you can head out into the wild for days.
o Massive storage: In addition to all the interior storage, there are several lockers all around the RV where you can store your gear, including a huge corner locker in the passenger-side rear corner that sports two access doors (one from the back, and one from the side). This bay is big enough even to hold a couple of folding electric bikes, among other gear.

• POWER AWNING WITH LED LIGHTING: At the push of a button, you can roll out a large awning to create a covered outdoor entertaining space that protects you from sun and rain. Flick another switch to activate the awning LEDs to give you plenty of light to continue your enjoyment outdoors long after sundown.

• EXCELLENT GAS MILEAGE: I initially was looking at RVs that used the Ford E350 or E450 chassis, but those engines are horrible with their gas mileage. If you search on YouTube, you’ll note several RVers describe their average mileage runs in the 6-8 mpg range. But my RV—even with AWD—gets 12-12.5 mpg, and that’s fully loaded.

You might think those are enough reasons to buy this RV, but there are even more upgrades in this particular RV that raise it above others of the same model:

• NEW ALL-TERRAIN TIRES: To really ensure I could do some decent bookdocking, I bought brand-new AT tires. The ride is excellent, and the traction in muddy roads is superb.

• 3 NEW LITHIUM BATTERIES totaling 300Ah: I replaced the original 2 flooded lead-acid batteries with 3 brand-new LiFePo (lithium) batteries. This increased available power from the 100 useable Ah in the lead batteries to an incredible 300 Ah in the new ones.

• NEW SMART POWER CONTROLLER to support the new batteries. This controller is Bluetooth-enabled, and controls the batteries and the 2 solar panels.

• 3 TVs: You read that correctly: this RV comes with 3 TVs installed!
o 1 factory-installed TV is in the upper bed-over-cab.
o 1 factory-installed TV with soundbar (never used!) is installed in an outdoor locker, giving you the best possible opportunity to enjoy some outdoor entertainment.
o 1 custom-installed TV and DVD player in the main bed area that enables you to watch TVs or DVDs while relaxing in bed.

• CUSTOM-FITTED PRIVACY PANELS for windshield, side windows: I bought these privacy panels to keep the entire interior space private. The side panels also have some insulative properties to help maintain appropriate interior temperatures.

• NEW SECURITY LOCKS for all external compartments (replaces generic locks that any RV key fits).

• LevelMatePRO+ WIRELESS RV LEVELING assist system: This is a brilliant new technology that makes levelling the RV a simple, one-person job.

• INCLUDES 1000 WATT INVERTER (not installed): Use it to run AC appliances and devices when you’re not connected to shore power or running the generator.

REASON FOR SELLING: I had a great time making several trips in this RV last year, but as it was my first RV, I realized that my style of camping is better suited for a pickup and 5th wheel RV. So this beautiful baby must go.



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