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This thing is awesome. This has the best floor plan of any RV out there except the BT Cruiser but it is more solid in build than that model. Second to none in construction and mine is 18 years old and still drives perfect. I could not give it stars for manufacturer warranty/support as the original company went out of business in 2004. What a shame, they don't build them like this anymore. As with any motorhome you do hear rattles and squeaks while driving down the road but it is very minimal compared to other RVs. It has an excellent Ford V10 engine, lots of power. My only gripe would be the breaks and this is true of virtually all B+ models I have driven. They just do not seem meaty enough to stop the rig so pray no one cuts you off in traffic. I do not expect to stop on a dime as the vehicle is huge and heavy but the breaks are just a shade not good enough but tolerable. Take your time and drive defensive. The shower is tiny also but for the 21ft length it's adequate. I am 5-9 and can stand up so what more can you ask for. I am guessing if you are over 6 ft you might have problems. The dinette really shines. It is very comfortable and the table allows a good card game with 4 people if one is so inclined. A little tight with that many but acceptable. 2 others can also sit on the couch so a 6 player game is possible Lol. Overall this is the best built RV out there. One other thing, this is the best Chinook if you are stealth camping and boondocking. It isn't as good for that as the new class B sprinter vans but you give that up for the superior floor plan. It does not have the funky shaped windows that the concourse has so as long as you take the graphics off it could pass as a work truck. I have the graphics still on and still have not had a problem urban camping yet, though it has only been a month.
- Captain Chinook, Massachusetts

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