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RV Manufacturers:

Be found at the Epicenter of RV consumer buying activity!

Reach millions of RV buyers, from across the US & Canada, who use (website & apps) when searching for their next RV.

Like the trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), the pages of are the 24 / 7 / 365 hub of RV buying and selling.

And, RV manufacturers certainly BELONG in the mix!

With the RV consumer’s wholehearted embrace of shopping for, researching and inquiring about RVs online, has developed a multitude of sophisticated and effective ways RV manufacturers can optimize their brand exposure directly to consumers who are in the market NOW! is…

  • Over 500,000 unique RV consumer visitors come to every month.
    • That translates to 20 million banner ad impressions… ie. a great opportunity for YOU to get YOUR brand (and messages) in front of RV shoppers - every month!
  • Approximately 80% of’s visitors are shopping for an RV.
  • Most visitors from age groups: 35-44, 55-64, 65+
  • Our most popular visitor segment earning $100K - 150K / yr.
  • Click here for more info on our demographics

Choose Your Strongest Approach:

NEW - OEM Super Leaderboard Display Ad:

Now, when RV consumers Search or Browse for your Brand(s) on, you can “OWN” the space with this immense, tell-all, custom, showcase banner!

  • Colossal in size. 970 pixels wide X 250 high!
  • Shows whenever RV shoppers Search or Browse for your Brand(s).
  • OK to link to multiple landing pages from this 1 banner.
  • Video, static, HTML or combo.
  • Gives unique, informative content to RV consumers Searching or Browsing your Brand(s).
  • Match your Marketing Plan. Change creative anytime.
  • Perfect for new product launch announcements!
  • Achieves extremely high Click Through Rates (CTRs) - Inquire for details.

Introductory Offer:

  • EXCLUSIVE - shows on all your respective Brand(s).
    NOTE: Only you can buy your Brand(s).
  • Non-EXCLUSIVE - Shows your massive OEM Super Leaderboard Display Ad to all toy hauler shoppers or Class A gas shoppers etc. - your choice.
    NOTE: Inventory is limited. First come, first served.
  • Pricing depends on number of pageviews available or number of pageviews to your Brand(s).
  • Please inquire for pricing.
Super Leaderboard Display Ad

Banner / Display Ads:

Be seen where buyers browse! > 40,000 times - every day - RV shoppers search for units to buy on Place your banner ads in front of qualified, actively-searching buyers!

  • Use banners to Drive Traffic to…
    • Your Website(s).
    • Specific landing pages for individual brands or types.
    • Dealer Locator.
    • Promote your Press Releases.
    • Offer manufacturer incentives.
    • Drive strong attendance to your exhibit at consumer RV shows.
    • Announce new product launches.
  • Pricing: $3.50 CPM (Cost per 1,000 impressions.) NOTE: Banner availability varies.

Target RV Consumers by:

RV Type - If you are a manufacturer of travel trailers, show your ad only to shoppers viewing travel trailers.

RV Brand - Have your banners appear on all searches for your Brand… or, on searches for your competitors!

Model - When a consumer searches for your model(s), be sure your banner ads are prominent in their Search Results. Drives traffic to your models’ landing pages!

Geographic Location - Target RV shoppers by State/Prov., City, DMA or any combination.

Also by Keyword, RV Length, New or Used etc.

“Call-To-Action” Display Ads on RV Detail Pages

The most important page in RV sales - the RV Detail Page.

RV Detail Page Banners


Access RVT’s audience … all across the ’net!

Louisville Show SPECIALS

Show SPECIAL Bundles

Re-Marketing Bundle A:

500,000 ‘re-marketed’ ad impressions – only $2500 / mo.
BONUS: 150,000 Display Ad impressions on RVT* (a $525 / mo. value)!

Re-Marketing Bundle B:

250,000 ‘re-marketed’ ad impressions – only $1000 / mo.
BONUS: 70,000 Display Ad impressions on RVT* ($265 / mo. value)!

Re-Marketing Bundle C:

100,000 ‘re-marketed’ ad impressions – only $500/ mo.
BONUS: 30,000 Display Ad impressions on RVT* ($105 / mo. value)!

* Various ad placements on, does not include Super Leaderboard. Subject to availability. Terms and conditions apply.


Special-Purpose, Tactical, Digital Ad Bundles…

New Product Launch Bundle -

The new product - and the new product launch - is the life blood of RV manufacturing. Combine these sophisticated - hyper-effective - tools to optimize your new product launches…

  • “Class of RV” Targeted Display / Banner Ads from $3.50 CPM
    Combined with
  • Manufacturer Banners on the RV Detail Pages (RVDPs) of all your New Products
    Combined with
  • OEM Super Leaderboard: New Product Announcements
    • Video.
    • Can click to your New Model pages on your website or…
    • to RV Detail Pages (i.e. the inventory classified listings of your dealers.)

Show Season Traffic Driver Bundle -

Attending consumer RV shows brings huge business to RV OEMs. Use RVT’s innovative combination of digital advertising tools to drive consumers - in the market - to your dealers booths!

  • Provide RVT with your 2014 Show Schedule.
  • “Geo Target” banners for each show - timed to run 30 days in advance - to all RV shoppers within 100 to 200 miles of each show.
    Combined with
  • Re-target all banner clickers.
    • Reminds RV shoppers who have shown interest in the show to visit your booth - date - times.

NOTE: OEM Super Leaderboard Display Ad as well.

Factory Incentives Amplifier Program -

Who’s it going to be? You? Or a competing brand? The deciding factory can often be your Factory Incentives. But… are your incentives always advertised in dealer listings for eligible units? ANSWER: No! Until now…

  • Put Factory Incentives Display Ads / Banners on every listing for eligible units.
    Combined with
  • Re-targeting eligible units shoppers with Factory Incentive reminders.

NOTE: Splash your Incentives on your OEM Super Leaderboard as well.

You create Incentives to push certain units. Now you can make sure every family who shops those units hears about your Factory Incentive Program.

Partnering with

Your Manufacturer’s Facebook Page - Add a “Dealer Inventory” tab at no-cost.

Monetize your Social Media efforts by turning your Facebook Likers into inventory browsers!

  • Your Fb Page has a lot of Likers.
  • You “work it” with fresh content regularly.
  • Why not provide a Tab on your Facebook Page saying “Dealers' Inventory”?
  • Turns Facebook Fans into inventory browsers.
  • Strong strategy for monetizing your Social Media spend.

Dealer Training Programs - Add the RV Sales MAXIMIZER by at no-cost.

The RV Sales MAXIMIZER teaches dealers how to build consumer-friendly, highly responsive RV Classified Ads. Results in MORE leads and MORE sales for dealers (and manufacturers!)

  • Some dealers create RV classified ads that “pull” leads very, very well.
  • Some… don’t.
  • The quality (or lack of quality) in your dealers’ RV classified ads directly impacts the manufacturer’s TOP LINE.

Partner with RVT to “educate” dealers how to create RV classified ads that RV shoppers respond to.

  • Better ads, more leads, more sales.
  • Items covered include:
    • Better RV photography (up to 60% increase in leads),
    • RV video (instant 46% increase in leads)
    • How to write RV descriptions consumers respond to.
    • “Sell the Conversion,” and
    • How to populate RV classified ads (viewed by thousands) with dealership promotions and events to drive more leads.
  • 1 on 1 consulting with each of your dealers in RV Sales Maximizer Sessions is available. or, plan for…
    • Group Maximizers.
    • Webinars.
    • Training sessions for dealers at your Events.
  • Contents of Maximizer training uses the research and findings published at RVT’s Dealer and Industry blog:
  • Also, references the popular Workshop presented at the RVDA Convention & Expo, 2013.
  • Helps a manufacturer ensure its products are being properly - effectively - represented in the classified listings created by its dealers.

Populate Your Website’s “Dealer Locator” with Live RV Inventory!

A buyer lands on your Dealer Locator, punches in his Zip Code, finds a dealer and visits their Website … WHERE HE SEES ALL YOUR COMPETITORS’ PRODUCT!

Now, there’s a better way!

  • Keep buyers on YOUR website.
  • Have RVT populate your Dealer Locator with fresh, live inventory listings - inventory that’s currently sitting on a dealer’s lot waiting to be sold - your brand only, not your competitors’.
  • How it works: A buyer lands on your Dealer Locator, punches in her Zip. She sees a list of dealers in her area c/w “View This Dealer’s Inventory NOW” buttons. She clicks View Inventory and starts shopping dealer units in her region - ON YOUR WEBSITE.
    • This is done extensively in “Big Auto” by auto OEMs.
    • Now available through to RV manufacturers as well.

On Your Website - Add “Shop For One NOW” Buttons to All Your Model Pages.

When RV shoppers are on your Website, looking at your models, why not have a button right there that brings up all the brand new units - sorted in geographic proximity to the RV shopper?

  • Shoppers can now…
    • Stay on your model page on your website while viewing live dealer inventory in their region.
    • Inquire with dealers i.e. become a lead.
    • Become YOUR lead as well!…
      • Of course, you’re free to “nurture” these leads and direct them back to dealers over the course of their buying cycle.

NEW - Executive White Paper

“How RV OEMs ‘Implant’ Branded
Key Selling Messages Into
RV Consumers While They’re
‘In-The-Act” of Buying …”

Unlocking sophisticated, fresh targeting methods
which help OEMs influence brand preference and
effectively guide” purchase decisions from inside
the RV buyer’s onine shopping experience.

Executive White Paper

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