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Re-Marketing for RV Dealers

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Google Display Network

  • After an RV shopper views any of your lisitings on RVT, we dynamically create Display Ads which showcase those exact listings (and similar). See Example 1.
  • These Display Ads are then shown — all across the Internet — to potential buyers who have already looked at the units(s) pictured in the Ads.
  • Tests show up to 10 X more clicks than online banner ads.

Example 1:

Dynamic Remarketing 300x250px Example.

  1. An in-market RV Shopper from your target region searches for, and views your inventory (or your competitor’s units) on
  2. Those exact RVs (or similar) - from your inventory - are then used to “dynamically” build gorgeous Display Ads which appear on websites all across the internet, across all devices!
  3. Your region’s individual RV shoppers, are shown your exact inventory units in Ads on various websites. Click-through rates (CTRs) are outstanding!

VDP Views/mo (returning buyer views)
8000 - $1140/mo
4000 - $570/mo
2000 - $285/mo
1000 - $165/mo
Product ID: DRM-G Contact Us

Canadian customers please click here, for CAD rates. Dynamic Re-Marketing – on Facebook!

They Saw it on RVT - AND - In their Facebook Feed!

The average US consumer spends 40 minutes per day scrolling through Facebook.
Facebook Q2/’14 Earnings Report, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO

So, how can you get your RVs…

1. Onto Facebook
2. Into the feeds of actively shopping, in-market buyers?

Here’s how it works:

We are seeing unprecedented CTRs on these banners - up to 20%!! 1 in 5 buyers click! That’s about 10X better than the best GAN dynamic re-marketing campaigns.
Shawn Friesen, SVP,
Facebook Dynamic Image Example
  1. Buyer sees your unit on
  2. Then, for 2 weeks*
  3. Same buyer sees same unit (+ similar units from your inventory) within their Facebook feed – desktop, mobile & apps

AnalyticsBefore / After Facebook Dynamic Marketing
Google Analytics

How Facebook Dynamic Re-Marketing Compares:

Item Avg. CTRs That’s 1 Click
Note Improvement Over Average
Internet Banner Ads
Average Internet
Banner Ad
0.05% CTR 2,000 ads Work to improve. __
OK Internet
Banner Ad
0.10% CTR 1,000 ads OK, not great. 2 X
Killer Internet
Banner Ad
1.0% CTR 100 ads Fantastic CTRs!
More ads ASAP!
20 X’s Facebook
Dynamic Re-Marketing
15% CTR 7 ads Very high CTRs.
A must buy.
Add to Marketing Mix.
300 X


  • 8000 additional VDP views per month - perfect for dealerships with over 200 units $1140/mo
    Product ID: DRM-FB Contact Us
  • 4000 additional VDP views per month - recommended for dealerships < 200 units $570/mo
    Product ID: DRM-FB Contact Us
  • 2000 additional VDP views per month - recommended for dealerships < 100 units $285/mo
    Product ID: DRM-FB Contact Us
  • 1000 additional VDP views per month - recommended for dealerships < 50 units $165/mo
    Product ID: DRM-FB Contact Us

Estimated, may fluctuate slightly based on ad auction rates.

Re-Marketing – Advertising to RV Shoppers After They Leave Re-Marketing is a highly effective suite of Digital Advertising products that leverages powerful RV shopper tracking technology and proven best-practices to result in… more buyers shopping your listings, more leads, and ultimately more RV sales.

Put your Inventory and your Dealership in front of “known-to-be-looking” RV shoppers, as they traverse across the Internet. Never before have RV dealers and Industry had this kind of advertising power!

The audience for your re-marketing ads is…

  • “In the market” and actively looking at RV classified listings.
  • Searching for RV Types, Makes and Models that you sell.
  • Shopping your exact inventory and / or
  • Located within a reasonable distance to your lot!

A Real World Example

Advertise accross the internet to:

  • Class A Diesel shoppers (or any type)
  • Shoppers on the West Coast (or your State/Prov, or States nearest your location, DMAs etc.)
  • Stay in front of them for 30 days — virtually wherever they go online!

How It Works: sets a “cookie” in the web browser of individual consumer buyers as they shop.

We know who they are, where they are and exactly what they’re shopping for.

Without using any personally identifiable information (PIIs), we know which RVs that individual has viewed and can use that info to traffic highly specialized and relevant ads.

Your re-marketing will depict…

  • Your RV dealership
  • Your Brands
  • Your Promotions and Special Events!
  • Specific RVs from your stock shown to buyers who shopped for that exact (or similar) units. (Dynamic Re-Marketing)

NOTE:’s Re-Marketing Digital Ads appear on other websites, all across the internet – on all devices.

  1. An in-market RV Shopper from your target region searches for, and views RVs for sale on
  2. Your dealership’s branded Digital Ads are then re-marketed to that individual RV shopper.
  3. Your ads are seen across various websites - across all devices.

Re-Marketing - $4 CPM
Product ID: RM-G Contact Us

Canadian customers please click here, for CAD rates.

Re-Marketing Your Website Visitors

Advertise to Visitors of Your Own Website AFTER They Leave Your Site!


Website Re-Marketing - $5.00 CPM
Product ID: RM-DS Contact Us

Canadian customers please click here, for CAD rates.

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