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NEW – Super Leaderboard Display Ad:

Now, when RV consumers Search or Browse for RVs on, you can “OWN” the space with this immense, tell-all, custom, showcase banner!

  • Colossal in size. 970 pixels wide X 250 high! (See actual size below.)
  • Shows whenever RV shoppers Search or Browse for the criteria you choose: i.e. your City, State / Prov. or Region or Class of RV.
  • OK to link to multiple landing pages from this 1 banner.
  • Video, static, HTML or combo.
  • Change creative anytime.
  • Achieves extremely high Click Through Rates (CTRs) – Inquire for details.

Introductory Offer!

  • First come/first served.
  • Limited number of impressions available per location or class of RV.
  • I.e. If your competitor buys up your Region – or – for example, toy haulers in the Mid West – you are locked out.
  • Inquire here to see if Super Leaderboard is still available to you.
  • Pricing depends on number of pageviews to your choice of criteria i.e. the Region and Class of RV you’re targeting.
    Please inquire for pricing.
Super Leaderboard Display Ad

NEW - Large Rectangle RVDP Display Ads -

Dominate your RV description pages (RVDPs) with this top performing, high exposure banner ad space. Advertise your dealership - across ALL of your RV listings.

The RV description pages are the most important pages for online RV advertising. These are the most viewed pages on, and often the first page a visitor lands on from a Google or Bing search. Not only do these pages advertise your inventory and generate shopper inquiries, but they are a prime opportunity for you to highlight the benefits of your Dealership.

Using this new top performing display ad, you can now reach RV consumers on ALL of your listings with your own personalized Dealership message. The large rectangle size (336x280 pixels) gives you ample room to advertise your current sales or specials, as well as the benefits of shopping at your store. The banner can be linked to your website or a custom landing page of your choosing.

RVDP Dealer Banner - only $125/month*

*per dealership location

RV Detail Page Banners

Regional Dealer Display Ads -

Advertise your Dealership to RV shoppers in your state or region via targeted online display ads.

Consumers in your area are shopping on in search of their next RV. Reach out to these potential customers with your Dealership's unique message. Using Google's state-of-the-art Doubleclick ad management system, we target RV Shoppers from your state or specified selling region. Ensuring your dealership's message and branding is seen by your target market.


  • Targeted - Your ads are shown ONLY to visitors who are shopping to buy an RV in your region.
  • Effective - We use the most popular and clicked Ad sizes across our network, including: Medium Rectangle - 300x250px, Large Rectangle 336x280px, Leaderboard - 728x90 and the Wide Skyscraper - 160x600. *Sizes subject to change for even better performance.
  • Economical - only $3.50 CPM (Cost-Per-Thousand ad impressions), and you only pay for ads that get viewed.
  • Quality Traffic - appoximately 80% of traffic is shopping to buy an RV! Ads are shown on our Homepage (5%), Search Results (70%) and RVs For Sale pages (25%).
  • Track Results - Detailed reporting is available to help you determine exactly which ads are most effective.
  • #1 RV Classifieds - RV Buyers, Sellers and Dealers trust to deliver RESULTS!

50,000 Impressions Ad Package - only $175/month

Custom Dealer Display Ads -

Advertise your Dealership to RV shoppers via targeted online display ads.

Millions of RV Consumers visit every year, in search of their next RV. Reach out to this massive RV buying audience with your Dealership's unique message.

Using state-of-the-art Doubleclick ad management, we can target most RV related market segments - for example, people looking for a specific RV Type, Make, Model, Size, Class, Keyword, new or used RV, etc., and serve them relevant ads across our website. Also, RV Shoppers from any specified state/province, city, DMA/region - or a combination of locations - can be targeted.


  • Reach RV Shoppers by City, State/Province, or Region. And/or by Specific RV Type or Make. Eg. Your ads are shown ONLY to visitors who are shopping to buy an RV in your region.
  • Economical - Basic rates start at $3.50 CPM (Cost-Per-Thousand ad impressions).
  • High Volume, Quality Traffic - Over 500,000 unique visitors come to every month. That’s 20,000,000 ad impressions served per month!
  • Track Results - Detailed reporting helps you determine exactly which of your precision targeted banner ads is most effective for you.
  • Banner Ad Testing Packages - Ask how can help you test, track and measure different banners ads against each other so you maximize your sales and minimize your costs.
  • #1 RV Classifieds - RV Buyers, Sellers and Dealers trust to deliver RESULTS!

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RV Shopper Re-marketing (or Re-targeting) - NEW

- Never before have RV dealers and Industry had this kind of advertising power!


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