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Over 80% of RV shoppers, i.e. your customers, are using their computers, phones and tablets to find their next RV. Our classifieds listings packages, put your inventory in the hands of millions of RV consumers, whenever and wherever they shop.

Reach RV buyers, from across the USA and Canada, who use the RVT.com website and apps when searching for their next RV. Using state-of-the art technology, we provide you with the powerful platform on which to showcase your new and used RVs for sale.

Every day, thousands of shoppers visit RVT.com in search of their next RV, easily searching from over 60,000 new and used RVs for sale. Each listing on RVT.com is indexed to be found easily by those searching in your city, state or region...and beyond. In fact, many of our visitors are shopping outside their own area, willing to travel to obtain that perfect RV. By putting your inventory on RVT.com, you gain access to buyers you may not typically reach through your own website or local classifieds.


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RV Shoppers
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TOTAL 436,497 1,638,477
RVT.com 360,221 1,372,798
RVT Mobile 73,223 191,351
iPhone & iPad Apps 3,053 74,328

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Pro-active Lead Follow-up and Notification system.

Exclusive to RVT.com - instant access to over 60,000 RV consumers who have asked us to tell them when specified RVs become available.

Every day we take your inventory and run it against this list, match your units, and send an email advertising the listing to a buyer. Thousands of these emails are sent every day, and generate thousands of additional sales leads.

Additional follow-up strategies include Price Reduced notify and automatic lead follow-up.

  • Price Reduced notify - potential buyers receive an email when you lower the price on your RV.
  • Automatic Lead follow-up - when a buyer sends you an email inquiry, we follow up to ensure you have received the lead.
  • Popular Listings are posted to our Facebook Page, which can bring thousands of extra ad views to your RV.
Lead Follow-Up & Notification

Fully advertise each RV in your inventory...and then some.

All the photos, video, and text you need… without the extra cost.

Gone are the days of print advertising where you pay more for lines, colour and photos (good riddance)! Each listing in your RVT account comes standard with 30 hi-res photos, HD video and unlimited text. Now you can fully showcase your units to prospective buyers. View sample ad

We accept data (feeds) from your server, or any other source - RVUSA, PSN, UVS, Channelblade, and Autotrader etc. Data is automatically received on a daily basis and your RVT.com listings updated accordingly.

In addition, we offer a variety of exposure ‘boosting’ upgrades that drive even more traffic to your stock (fees apply). Put your specials on our homepage, at the top of search results in your state, or in the jumbo ‘Spotlight’ space.

Also available - banner ads that reach your EXACT audience. Need to advertise a sale to customers in your city searching for Toy Haulers? Or a coupon offer to someone who has already viewed one of your ads? Using the most advanced ad technology ever, RVT.com can put a display ad in front of any segment of the RV market.

Maximize Your Sales.

Learn how to create the most effective RV classifieds, and increase your return on investment.

Included in your RVT.com ad account, are one-on-one RV Maximizer sessions, designed to assist you in creating ads that convert to sales. We’ve hired marketing experts to review your ads, discover ways to improve buyer response, and ensure your RVT.com advertising is giving you the most for your money.

In addition, we provide various paid Upgrade options to maximize the effectiveness of your ads. Features include Spotlight ads on the home page, Homepage Featured ads, Search Results Featured and more. We also give you access to our powerful Display Ad network where you’ll have the opportunity to ‘impress’ millions of RV consumers, with the most targeted RV consumer related advertising available anywhere. Also, we have an upgrade that will post your listings directly to Craigslist, Youtube, and Ebay… all from within your RVT.com account.

By applying just a few tweaks offered by Chris Mapson of RVT we were able to increase “ALL” of our stats. In doing so it didn’t take long to see the traffic increase both on RVT and our website.
Chris Hall, MB Thomas RV Sales, St Louis MO

Maximize Your Sales

Live Chat with Prospects.

Engage in real-time with prospective buyers as they view your listings.

Studies show that proactively engaging a shopper can increase lead volume by over 25%… without ‘cannibalizing’ phone or email leads (Contact at Once study 2012). With your RVT.com Dealer account, live chat is a snap. Once activated, a visitor to your ads will be prompted to start a conversation with one of your sales reps, who can easily respond via a Skype or Google Talk account.

Live Chat with Prospects
RVT.com Mobile Web Site

Meet Your Customers on ANY Mobile Device.

RV Shoppers want access to your inventory whenever, wherever, and on whatever device they have at their fingertips.

In 2011, smartphone sales exceeded the sales of PCs (Canalys), and visits from a mobile device now make up nearly 25% of all website traffic (Walker Sands report). Now, more than ever, RV dealerships need their inventory searchable and viewable on smartphones and tablets.

All listings on RVT.com are optimized for searching and viewing on ALL types of devices, your inventory will automatically be formatted for our mobile site and iPhone and iPad apps. Also, each dealership is given its own Mobile site, that can be integrated into your own website.

Facebook & Twitter

Sell on Your Social Networks.

Easily include your up-to-date inventory on your Facebook and Twitter feeds.

With a few clicks of the mouse or taps of your finger, you can load your inventory to Facebook and/or Twitter. Integrated within every Dealer Ad account is an easy to install Facebook app - which allows your fans to search your current listings. Also included, is the option to post any listing to your Facebook or Twitter newsfeed. A great way to highlight a new offering, or special to your customer base.

In addition, thousands of visits are generated to dealer inventory through our automatic Twitter posting tool. Every hour, new ads on RVT.com are tweeted to our Twitter followers, continually generating new business for advertisers.

Custom-fit and scalable to your Dealership’s needs, only pay for what you’ll use.

Dealerships - large and small - can enjoy the full benefits of advertising on RVT.com. One size does NOT fit all, so we sell ad packages based on the total number of listings, and price accordingly. Have a larger inventory in the Spring and Summer? Maybe you only hold a few units during the Fall and Winter? No problem, you can up or down-size anytime, and maximize the effieciency of your advertising budget.


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