In This Issue:  RVT Insight Newsletter - September 2009

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     TRAFFIC (RVT Network, August 2009)*
RVS SOLD : 492
SITE VISITS: 510,000

AD VIEWS: 2.5 Million
RV LISTINGS: 35,000 +

*Compiled using Google and Urchin Analytics. Results from July 24 - August 24, 2009.
1 2006 Gulf Stream Conquest Ultra Super C LTD
2 2002 Winnebago 34 mfb
3 2007 Safari Simba
4 1999 Holiday Rambler 36wgs/Ford
5 1994 Fleetwood Bounder Diesel 36P
6 2000 Monaco Diplomat 38A
7 2007 Dynamax Corp DQ264ST
8 2008 Roadtrek RS Adventurous
9 2006 Renegade Toter
10 1991 Gulf Stream Innsbruck

Lots of Info -   Make the most of your RVT ad listing.  Each RVT ad allows for complete description of the RV.  Make sure you fill out as much of the form(s) as possible.  The more info the buyer has, the more clearly he can see what you are offering and the more likely he is to contact you.

Photos - Good photography is likely the most important aspect of your online RV ad.  Before taking photos, ensure your unit is clean inside and out.  If possible, park your RV in an empty parking lot on a bright day.  This will allow for clear shots of its exterior from all different angles.  For the interior, ensure all blinds are open, and turn on lights if necessary.  For best results, use a digital camera with at least 5 megapixels.  We recommend at least four exterior (front, sides and back) and four interior pictures.  If your unit has upgrades or features (eg. slide-outs, generator, big screen tv), consider extra shots that showcase these highlights.  Once all the shots are taken, photo software, included with most cameras, should be used to touch up the pictures before placing them online.

    ALASKA:  RV Paradise

America's last great wilderness, nothing prepares you for the vastness and scenic majesty of Alaska. Nearly three times the size of Texas but with a fraction of its population, large swaths of the state are inaccessible except by boat or plane. Divided by towering mountain ranges and immense glaciers, Alaska offers only a handful of state highways to lure RV travelers, yet its pristine rugged beauty makes Alaska a dream vacation destination for RVers. With Alaska celebrating 50 years of statehood this year, many special rates are available through December. But unless you enjoy the cold or yearn to see the Northern Lights, summer is the time to visit Alaska. As one Fairbanks native joked, "Alaska has four seasons: June, July, August and winter!"   Click to see full article


"We put our ad in many places online, but we received almost all our response from!  Thanks - sold within two weeks!"

          - D. Smith from Minnesota, August 23

"We had a great experience with your site. The volume of hits was outstanding, and seemed to attract the interested buyer.  Our end result was a sale in 2 DAYS!!  Best advertising dollars we've ever spent!!"

          - M. Davis from Kansas, August 14

" helped me sell my motor home in less than one month!  This is the second time you have helped me sell an RV in the past fourteen months.  Thank you for providing a great service."

          - C. Walma from Florida, August 13

"Sold in less than one month!  Guy from North Carolina drove night and day to come to CA and see"

          - J. Bowen from California, August 5


Our security system is constantly being upgraded for your protection, however, please note the following alerts:

!!Prices that seem too good to be true usually are.

!!Refuse any deal in which a buyer, usually claiming to be from overseas, is acting on behalf of a "client" and requests you to send an amount ABOVE your selling price.

!!When using an Escrow Service, only use trusted providers such as Type in the Escrow Provider's site URL DIRECTLY into your web browser and DO NOT TRUST LINKS SENT IN EMAIL INQUIRIES, they may lead to a spoof web site.

!!Refuse any arrangement in which the 'buyer' requests an inspection of your RV, at YOUR expense.  Some scam attempts using the following company names: Helping Hands Ministry, Easy Go Auto, Your Auto Brokers.

Please visit our web site for more information on fraud prevention. If in doubt or to report a suspicious ad, please contact our support office at 1-800-677-4484 or email us at

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