In This Issue:  RVT Insight Newsletter - November 2009

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     TRAFFIC (RVT Network, October 2009)*
RVS SOLD : 425
SITE VISITS: 380,000

AD VIEWS:  2 Million
RV LISTINGS: 32,000 +

*Compiled using Google and Urchin Analytics. Results from September 26 - October 25, 2009.
1 2007 Safari Simba
2 2006 Gulf Stream Conquest Super C
3 1998 Tiffin Allegro Bus
4 2006 Monaco Diplomat 40PRQ 4 slide Diesel Pusher $128495
5 2006 Monaco BEAVER MARQUIS
6 1996 Airstream Land Yacht
7 2009 Gulf Stream Independence DIESEL
8 2005 Four Winds Windsport
9 2007 Monaco Monarch SVE
10 2000 Winnebago JOURNEY
    Get the Best Deal with
    RVT Price Checker

The economy has turned everyone into a bargain hunter.  Whether you're making a big purchase or a small one, these days you want to know you're getting the best deal possible.  That's especially true when you're buying a new or used RV online.  To make it easy to compare RV models and prices, recently introduced a new RVT Price Checker feature to make sure you get the best possible deal when you buy a new or used RV online.

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    Introduction of Hybrid RVs
     Lead the 'Green RV' Movement


When you think about green, fuel-efficient vehicles, let's face it, RVs that typically get 8 to 10 miles per gallon aren't the first thing that come to mind. But times are changing. At RV shows A motorhome on the market, the Via gets an admirable 15 mpg.

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"I had a nice coach to sell and priced it aggressively.  First sale (from Craigslist) fell thru due to financing; within five more days RVT produced three more full-price cash offers.  First one closed as expected. I was very impressed with the ease of use of this site and recommend it as a great tool for nationwide exposure at a reasonable cost."

          - G. Allen from Virginia, October 26

"Worked wonders for me!!!!  Advertised on three different sites and definitely got the most response from you guys!!!  Thanks again."

          - Henry from Texas, October 20

"All the serious buyers came to us from RVT."

          - S. Girner from Arkansas, October 16

"RVT was instrumental in getting my RV sold.  A couple from Florida saw the add and after a few weeks of emails and phone contact flew up to Virginia, stayed a couple days getting to know the RV and drove it back to Florida after brief negotiations.  Thanks RVT for a successful experience."

          - M. Payne from Virginia, October 12


Our security system is constantly being upgraded for your protection, however, please note the following alerts:

!!Prices that seem too good to be true usually are.

!!Refuse any deal in which a buyer, usually claiming to be from overseas, is acting on behalf of a "client" and requests you to send an amount ABOVE your selling price.

!!When using an Escrow Service, only use trusted providers such as Type in the Escrow Provider's site URL DIRECTLY into your web browser and DO NOT TRUST LINKS SENT IN EMAIL INQUIRIES, they may lead to a spoof web site.

!!Refuse any arrangement in which the 'buyer' requests an inspection of your RV, at YOUR expense.  Some scam attempts using the following company names: Helping Hands Ministry, Easy Go Auto, Your Auto Brokers.

Please visit our web site for more information on fraud prevention. If in doubt or to report a suspicious ad, please contact our support office at 1-800-677-4484 or email us at

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