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Buying Used Truck Campers

Campers have always been popular, and as people upgrade to new models there are great deals to be had on used truck campers. Pre-owned units can cost a fraction of the price of new models, which typically ranges from six or seven thousand dollars to over twenty five thousand. View our wide selection of campers which includes models for short bed and long bed trucks, models with just the basics or all the latest conveniences and luxuries.

Used or new, campers can provide more versatility than other RV options. They can go anywhere your truck can go, and that covers a lot of ground that might be inaccessible for travel trailers or motorhomes. If you've owned one before you know how versatile they can be. If you are switching from tent camping or another style of rv, you'll be amazed what can fit inside. From the basics such as a comfortable bed and a fridge to showers, to showers and toilets, tv, air conditioning and more. Slide outs provide extra space and hidden storage areas are surprisingly spacious.

You'll find that used truck campers vary quite widely in price, so it will pay you to take the time to decide what options you need, and what options are not important to you. Finding just the right unit will not only ensure you don't pay more than you have to, it will help you to get long term enjoyment out of your purchase. No matter what your budget there are units available to suit your needs. View all truck campers and other ads to compare prices and features on different RV types.