When you’re stocking your RV for summer travel, don’t forget to pack a first aid kit. Whether you’re a state park camper or prefer to take your toy hauler off the beaten path, accidents can and do happen so it’s best to be prepared. Check your first aid kit before every RV trip and replenish supplies as necessary. At the beginning of every travel season (or once a year if you’re a full-timer), you should check expiration dates on medications and ointments and replace any that have expired.

The Red Cross recommends stocking your RV first aid kit with the following:

  • First aid manual. You can purchase a comprehensive family first aid manual from the Red Cross or access an online manual from the American College of Emergency Physicians which can also be downloaded free.
  • Emergency numbers. Always carry contact information for your family doctors, poison control center and vet if you are traveling with pets. Know hospital locations and how to contact emergency services at each stop along your travel route.
  • Emergency documents. Keep with your emergency numbers a medical history, including vaccination history, and medical consent form for each family member and pet.
  • First-aid tweezers for removing splinters, ticks and stingers
  • Sharp scissors with rounded tips
  • Thermometer
  • Latex-free gloves, 2 pairs

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