RVing Family With DogIncluding your pet in your RV travels can be fun and rewarding. More than 85% of pet owners take their dog with them when they travel and 21% travel with their cat, according to a 2012 AAA/Best Western survey referenced here on the AAA website.

The biggest hindrance to traveling with pets was finding pet-friendly accommodations. Traveling by RV neatly solves the problem, allowing your pet to join in family adventures.

Traveling by motorhome or travel trailer makes it possible to accommodate your pet’s needs and provide a safe and secure travel environment for your pet. Many RV campgrounds welcome pets, but check before you arrive and familiarize yourself with campground rules regarding pets.

With planning and preparation, you and your pet can enjoy RV travel; just follow these tips:

  • Practice with short drives and a driveway overnight before leaving on an RV trip.
  • See that your pet’s vaccinations are up-to-date. Always carry vaccination, vet records and a photo of your pet with you.
  • When traveling, your pet should always wear an ID tag with your contact information. You might also want to consider having your vet implant an ID chip.
  • Pets should be restrained when your RV is in motion. According to the Pet Travel Center, a 40 mph accident can turn a 25-pound dog into a 1000-pound missile. To ensure your pet’s safety and comfort, pet harnesses should have a padded chest plate.
  • Leash your pet when it is outside your RV.
  • Never leave your pet in your RV without adequate ventilation and water.
  • Be a responsible and courteous pet owner; clean up after your pet.

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