RV travel is the least expensive way for families to vacation. A recent cost-comparison study found that “typical RV family vacations are on average 27 to 61 percent less expensive than other types of vacations studied.” Conducted by PKF Consulting, an international travel and tourism consulting firm, the study compares RV vacations with typical combinations of hotel-fly-drive vacations. In popular vacation scenarios, which included fuel costs,┬áRV vacations came in cheaper than other popular family vacation options.

Families that are considering buying an RV often express concern about fuel costs; however the PKF vacation study clearly shows that the cost of fueling an RV is outweighed by air fare, hotel expenses, restaurant prices and car rental costs. One thing to keep in mind in comparing travel costs is that higher fuel costs raise prices across the breadth of the travel industry.

> Air fares. When oil prices go up, air lines increase air fares to offset higher fuel costs by adding a fuel surcharge to already high ticket prices.

> Hotels. When oil prices increase energy rates, hotels pass the added expense along to their customers by raising room rates. High oil prices also affect the cost of transporting goods which hotel suppliers pass on to hotels, causing another bump in hotel rates.

> Car Rental. High gas prices make car rental more expensive.

> Restaurants. When the cost of transporting food goes up, so do restaurant prices.