You’re looking forward to that upcoming vacation, and of course, you want to bring along your pet. Pet-lovers know their pets deserve to get away too. Planning ahead for RV travel with your pet will help make your trip a great one for you both.

Visit Your Veterinarian

Before you leave, pay your veterinarian a visit to make sure all is well with your pet. If your dog or cat suffers from nausea when in a moving vehicle, your vet might be able to give you something to combat that during RV travel. Any other problems can be addressed as well.

Comfort Is Key

Proper temperature is important to keep your pet feeling comfortable. You might also want to create a space that your best friend can call his own to make the trip more enjoyable for him. Bring along his favorite toys, blankets and bedding so that he’ll have familiar items there with him.

Special Tags

A quick visit to a local pet store can provide you with a small tag you can attach to your pet’s collar that has your cell phone number on it. This is necessary, just in case your pet gets lost.

Your pet will love going along with you on your special trip. So, be prepared, and get ready to relax together!

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