In the new movie Paul, the starring credits may have gone to British comedians Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, but it’s their RV that grabs the spotlight. Recreational vehicles and the RV lifestyle are center stage in the just-released buddy movie about two Sci-Fi geeks who meet an alien during an RV road trip to Nevada’s infamous “Area 51.” Along the way, they manage to survive one RV disaster after another, naturally exaggerated to their most extreme for comedic effect. RV travelers will recognize a few of their own “learning experiences” in the movie and get a laugh out of some of the overdone stereotypes about RV living.

To prepare for the movie, Pegg and Frost, who also wrote the script for the movie, rented an RV and embarked on their own RV road trip from Los Angeles to Denver. The actors said the trip provided ample fodder for the film but also gave them a glimmer of both the appeal RV traveling has for millions of American and Canadian families and the beauty of the American West.

If you’re interested in the RV showcased in the movie, you won’t find the Beagle Traveler in any of’s used RV listings. The movie company created its own hybrid RV for the film using a 1980s Winnebago for exterior shots and a Fleetwood Bounder for interior scenes and you will find both models well represented among the many used RVs offered for sale on

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