With dreams floating around in my head about a July 4th RV vacation, I signed up for an auction of an RV rental. It was my first one. I didn’t know exactly what to do or to expect but I found the online directions at Neff Brothers RV to be clear and simple.

I learned that I would be bidding on a Class “C” Forest River Sunseeker 3100 motor home rental. I’d admired those beautiful Forest River motor homes for years!

Bidding would start at $700 for a five-day, four-night holiday weekend (roughly fifty percent less than the actual value of a similar rental). I read through the stipulations and auction rules and waited for the word from Neff Brothers RV to start bidding via email.

Once the bidding started on May 21st, the auction went on for three hours. I was notified by email each time the bid rose so that I could change my bid if I wanted. The winner would be the last bid to come in time stamped by 2:00 p.m. EST.

My bid was not the highest on May 21st but going through the process really got me thinking. This is a great way to get in on a RV rental value. Why isn’t everyone doing it? I wrote to Angela Dudziak, the General Manager and Auctioneer at Neff Brothers RV to find out more about what seemed to be a fairly unique RV rental idea.

Here’s what Angela said:

  • “Last September I looked out on my lot on a Wednesday afternoon and saw half my rental fleet sitting there.  The weather was eighty degrees and sunny.  The whole weekend was calling for this perfect weather.  That’s when I thought ‘How can I move these off the lot this weekend?’  And thus, the first on-line auction occurred.
  • “We will try to have promoted auctions quarterly.  Next one will be scheduled for late July for a weekend ‘Tailgate Package’ to be used any weekend in September.  I also will have last-minute ones if we have any cancellations during the summer.  Only people on our E-mail list will be able to get in on the last-minute ones.
  • “Cost savings have ranged from thirty five to fifty percent off the actual price.  Everyone has walked away so far, very happy!”

Neff Brothers RV is located in Ohio. I wondered what my exploration options would be should I decide to participate in an RV rental auction again through Neff Brothers. I looked at their trip packages to get a better idea.

Within easy driving distances are NASCAR, NFL and NCAA stadiums, Cedar Point Amusement Park, the Indy 500, Kentucky Derby, and music festivals. With a week or more vacation time, you can easily travel to and from Michigan, Washington, DC, the Smokey Mountains, Niagara Falls or Amish Country.

I’m in. I’ve sent an email to Neff Brothers so that I’ll be notified of future auctions. You can too, just go to their website and email them. As always, Happy Travels Friends!

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