Fall weather has arrived and of course winter weather won’t be far behind. When it comes to RV vacationing and living in the wetter and cooler months, one of the top concerns is keeping your unit dry inside.

Condensation on windows and walls can be a real headache. Before you know it you can have mold and mildew growing all over the place if you’re not careful.

Ventilation is a major key to combating the problem.

What does one do to ventilate? There are many solutions. The more of the following you do, the safer you’ll be:

  • Make sure that your ceiling vents are covered with vent covers
  • Keep a vent(s) partially open at all times
  • Use dehumidifier pellets or a dehumidifier
  • Crack open a window
  • Run a space heater with a fan
  • Keep the ceiling fan going on low
  • Open cabinet and closet doors so that air can circulate inside

Another thing that combats moisture is heat. Toward this end, you want to make sure that your RV is warm enough to help the moisture that does collect leave through evaporation.

Open cabinet doors to allow air circulation and for warmth to enter.

Open cabinet doors to allow air circulation and for warmth to enter.

A rule that I follow (having been a fulltime RVer for over six years) is never to shower (if there is an alternative shower option) inside my RV when it is damp or rainy outside. A trip to the campground public shower is worth any trouble involved.

If with all the above efforts, moisture still forms on surfaces in the RV or puddles of water are left (because there is no other place to take a shower),  immediately sop the water up with a dry towel or sponge and then remove the wet towel from the unit. Of course,  if you have a dryer in the RV, dry the towel after ringing the excess water out of it.

Cooking, baking and boiling water presents problems with moisture. Be certain to use the exhaust fan over the stove. This gets rid of moisture from propane burning and from moisture that comes from the food.

You will be so much more happy and comfortable and your RV will last so much longer if you attend to the Moisture Monster diligently throughout the damp, cool, wet months of fall and winter. Go ahead and enjoy your unit but just remember to keep things dry.

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