RV campgrounds come in all shapes and sizes from a stand of trees along a river bank to full-blown resorts with scheduled activities and entertainment. Choosing the right campground for your next RV trip depends on what kind of camping experience you’re looking for.

Use our 5 tips to choose the right place to park your motorhome or travel trailer.

1. Think about what makes you happy.

One of the joys of RV camping is that you can change your scenery to fit your mood. The mobility and flexibility of RV ownership gives you options other travelers don’t have. Choose a campground that sets the stage for your RV vacation whether it’s a sandy beach, sparkling lake, shady forest or active resort.

2. Decide what services and amenities are essential to your comfort.

Many RVers like to stay at campgrounds that offer full hookups. Others head off into the boondocks to rough it. If you’re family camping, swimming pools, playgrounds, basketball courts and mini golf can make your campground stay more fun. If you’re empty nesters exploring America, RV campgrounds that offer potlucks, wine tastings and other get-to-know-you activities can make your travels more enjoyable.

3. Consider who you are traveling with.

Certain amenities can make traveling with children or teens more enjoyable. A playground and pool give youngsters a place to run off excess energy. Teens will appreciate Wi-Fi so they can stay connected to their friends.

4. Think about the purpose of your trip.

Choose a campground close to the attractions you want to see. If you’re traveling to an event or planning to spend time at an amusement park, look for RV campgrounds with shuttle service.

5. Always have a backup plan.

Research campgrounds online before making your choice. Online ratings are generally up-to-date, but it never hurts to have a plan B should your first choice campground not live up to your expectations when you arrive.

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