Hit It! The Road That Is!+

I’m so excited to announce … My new book is out and ready to go...

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Heartland RV – Helping You to Live and Love Life Better+

To a novice, all RVs may look similar. But, it is attention to detail that...

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The Most Sought-After RV Brands on the Market – so far in 2015 …+

RV shoppers are always on the look-out for the most popular / most sought-after RVs.  Part...

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How to Check Out a Pre-owned RV+

After many weeks of searching online classified ads and going to see dozens of units...

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Printer Friendly Checklist for Checking Out a Pre-Owned RV Trailer+

Checklist for Inspecting a Pre-Owned Fifth Wheel or Pull Trailer (RV) Exterior Obvious signs of...

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Our Search for a Pre-owned RV+

There is nothing quite as exciting as preparing for a RV road trip.  Especially if...

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5 Tips on How to Choose an RV+

Purchasing an RV can be an exciting, but overwhelming experience. While there is no magic...

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Are you shopping for a portable propane fire pit?+

In twenty-five years of camping, we’ve been through a number of fire pits and fire...

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Ever Go to an RV Show?+

There are lots more reasons to go to an RV show than may initially come...

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How to Buy a Used RV+

So you’ve looked at some new RVs and you have sticker shock. No worries! A...

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Tips from “Vogel Talks RVing”+

From my recent informal survey of RVers about their most indispensable RV resources, I learned...

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