There are a few ways to detect a tire failure. Probably the least desirable is to wait for it to come apart and tear up the side of your RV.

Failed tire

Failed tire

I think we would all like some advance warning, preferably while still at home, of a pending tire failure.

Last year I was asked to inspect a tire, and while the only 100% sure fire way to know if a tire has an internal failure is either to spend a few hundred dollars doing a nondestructive X-Ray type inspection or to conduct a lower cost “cut tire inspection” where an experienced tire engineer does an “autopsy” with tools that range from power band saws to box cutter knives or even a scalpel. The cost of the cut inspection is lower but you do end up with just pieces of a tire when you are done.

One other alternative, which is not 100% fool-proof but is still pretty good and doesn’t cost you anything but a few minutes effort is to check the sidewall and tread runout.

For this tire we did both a run-out inspection and ended up with a cut tire inspection that confirmed that the belts had separated and a failure was essentially certain.


Here you can see that the belts are no longer attached to each other. This is really a catistrophic failure just waiting to happen.


The key point is that you can do a run-out inspection at home as seen in the video. If your tire looks at all like what you see in the video I STRONGLY suggest you take the tire/wheel assembly to your tire dealer and request a complete inspection. If they say the tire is OK get it in writing. If they are not willing to give you something in writing I think that tells you that they really suspect something is wrong.

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