When you decide to buy an RV online, the first decision you have to make is whether to buy a motorized RV or a towable RV. Motorized RVs include the driving cab and living space in a single vehicle. They range from bus-size Class A motorhomes to van-size Class B motorhomes. Ultra-luxury motorhome models with all the bells and whistles and full-size appliances can run several hundred thousand dollars, but well-appointed motorhomes are also available in moderate price ranges. The used RV market also offers excellent values.

In towable RVs, the living space is trailered behind and towed by a separate vehicle, usually a pickup truck, SUV or van; although new ultra-lightweight travel trailers can be towed by a family sedan. Ranging from folding camping trailers to large fifth-wheel travel trailers with multiple slides, towable RVs offer buyers a greater size and price range than motorhomes.

Before you even begin to consider price, size, amenities and number of sleeping berths — primary determining factors in choosing an RV — you have to decide whether a motorhome or travel trailer is a better match for your travel needs. Both types of RVs offer distinct advantages and a few disadvantages which we’ll explore next week.


You’ll find more information about choosing an RV in the RV Buyer’s Guide on our website.

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