I recently surveyed members of two FaceBook groups: “RVers Over Fifty” and “Fulltime RVers” to ask what have been and are some of their indispensable RV resources. Member Teresa Rodriguez mentioned “Living the RV Dream” podcasts, website and books. I decided to take a look for myself and talked with John Huggins, co-author of “Living the RV Dream.

Levonne: What motivated you to become fulltime RVers?

John Huggins: We had a lengthy discussion with several Escapees RV Club members at the Tampa Supershow two years before we actually started and they were quite convincing. When I asked what is the downside to Full-time RVing, they all said simultaneously, “We should have done it ten years sooner!” We were also in a position to travel full-time as we had great health care and several income streams.

Levonne: How did you go about getting a weekly radio show?

John: We were in Florida in 2008 where our oldest son was a producer for a local radio station in Sarasota. He called us up and said he had a Saturday opening and would we do an RV show for an hour. We knew nothing, but he convinced us we could do it, so “Living the RV Dream” was born. When we left to travel in the spring, I learned about podcasting and we took the show with us.

Levonne: How might your podcasts assist other RVers? How does someone access your podcasts? 

John: Our podcasts address most aspects of the RV lifestyle. We are full-timers in a motorhome, but we also talk about weekending and short term travel as well as all other types of RVs. We discuss new products that we use and that we hear about as well as do interviews with folks in the RV industry and fellow RVers. Our podcast can be found in the podcast section of iTunes as well as on our website: www.livingthervdream.com

Levonne: What is the name of your book and what is it about?

John Huggins: Our first book is the ebook: “So, you want to be an RVer?” The print version is: “So, you want to be a full-time RVer?” Both have the same text. We tried to distill three and a half years of our podcasts down to book form. We started with why do this? and progressed through buying an RV, what to equip it with, where to take it, and many, many other details of the RV lifestyle. We also released a short book called “How to survive an RV show…and make it a great experience”. In it we discussed how to make the most of your available time at a show. Our third book will be released shortly titled “So, you want to be a workamper?” It is all about how to make a living while travelling and camping in an RV.

John and Kathy Huggins.

John and Kathy Huggins.

Levonne:  Anything else that you would like to say to RVers or RV dreamers that might not know about your resources?

John: We would like folks to visit our website and explore the many pages of RV information as well as the “Links” page with links to the folks we consider experts. We would also encourage folks to join our FaceBook group “Living the RV Dream” and join in and ask questions of our 1,700 members. 

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