You’ve probably hear of “glamping,” or glamorous camping, which combines the beauty and wonder of living in the outdoors with the convenience and pampering of an upscale hotel. Glamping attempts to shave off camping’s rough edges and banish the discomfort of “roughing it” to make camping palatable for people who appreciate nature but aren’t particularly comfortable spending time in her dirt-and-bug-encrusted embrace.

(Have these folks never heard of RVs?)

That’s All You Get?

Glamping outfitters cater to the growing number of people who want to experience camping without getting their hands dirty. For a price (average basic set up fee is $250), outfitters will set up camp and stock your tent with cushy amenities such as a real mattress, high quality linens, a table and chairs and fixings for s’mores. When you arrive, you move in and enjoy. In the morning, you move on and the outfitters come back to pack up.

Luxury RVs Offer More

Your average RV offers more and better amenities than glamping. Glampers have no kitchen access and still have to use the common camp privy and showers, among many other inconveniences. Upscale RVs go well beyond anything glamping outfitters can offer, providing all the comforts of home and more.

New Concept in Luxury RVing: The GCTRV CR-1

Global Caravan Technologies’ newly introduced CR-1 Carbon travel trailer takes the idea of ‘glamping’ to new heights. The ultimate in luxury RV construction and amenities, GCT’s Carbon features a sleek, handsome design with all-carbon fiber construction for strength without weight.

The luxurious interior is wrapped in butter-soft leather from the custom ceiling, down soft-touch walls to ultra-comfortable leather-covered sofas. Carbon’s custom lounge can seat 8 comfortably. Modular solid surface tables on mobile pedestals allow multiple configurations to meet the owners’ lifestyle and entertainment needs. (Click here for photos and more details on the RV Daily Report)

Luxury motorhomes and travel trailers like Carbon combine the look and feel of upscale luxury apartments with the mobility advantages of RVs. Find your palace on wheels at today!

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