An emerging trend in RV usage is destination camping. These campers are the ones that leave their RV parked in one place for a season or longer. They travel back and forth to their campsite throughout the season on mini vacations and they might lend their unit to family members when they are not using it.

The Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (  estimates that eighteen percent of RV owners destination camp. “Snowbirds” are an example of a destination camper. This form of camping was popularized in the 1980’s. Some RV industry leaders believe that parking a unit fulltime is circumventing the idea of using the unit on the road all the time.

A large fifth wheel can be  a great destination trailer.

A large fifth wheel can be a great destination trailer.

John Soard, general manager for Fairmont Park Trailers, a division of Fairmont Homes in Nappanee, Ind. says, “Of all travel trailers out there being built over 30 feet, I think seventy-five percent of those are not being towed. I think they’re being delivered and parked in a seasonal site.”

Travel trailers, fifth-wheel trailers and recreation park or “destination” trailers can serve the function of a vacation home while remaining fully moveable. More and more manufacturers of trailers have developed floorplans that favor remaining in one spot so that a family can enjoy the area more thoroughly over time. The “destination” trailers often feature plenty of interior living space with a contemporary decor. One such manufacturer is Keystone Travel Trailers can be searched using the advanced function by selecting “any RV type” and by entering the keywords of “residence” or “destination” trailers to get an idea of the variety of RVs that could function as a vacation home set up near a favorite lake, seaside community, rural setting, small city or just nearer to beloved relatives.

Check the travel trailer's floorplan for a match to your vacation lifestyle.

Check the travel trailer’s floorplan to see if it will meet you and your family’s vacation lifestyle needs.

Remember though before buying your mobile vacation home, be sure to research your destination location carefully and ask if the RV you have in mind fits with the campground or resort’s requirements. Happy camping and vacationing!

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