Freedom, independence and affordability are the three key values that draw seniors to the RV lifestyle. But eventually age catches up with even the most active seniors and it’s time to hand over the RV keys. For most aging RV enthusiasts that moment is the end of the road, but not for an enterprising group of seniors who have found a way to keep living the RV life after they’re forced off the highways. Fifty seniors, most full-time RVers, have parked their RVs for the final time in a unique 33-lot RV park in Livingston, Texas called Escapees Care where they live in their own RVs but have access to assisted living services. (Click the link to read the New York Times article and watch a video about the specialized RV park.)

RV assisted living is the brainchild of the Escapees Club, the country’s largest RV club which is headquartered on the 140-acre Rainbow’s End RV park next door to Escapees Care. Escapees Care allows RV enthusiasts to remain independent and continue living within the RV community. Subsidized by donations from members of the Escapees Club, fees are $824 per month per person ($1,230 per couple), Escapees Care provides residents with transportation, laundry service, 3 meals a day, on-call registered nurses, adult day care for residents with dementia, and support groups for chronic conditions.

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