Supersize me! Toterhome RVs are RV toy haulers on steroids. Everything about toterhomes is big, from their size to their engine power to their towing capacity. Built on heavy-duty commercial truck frames with truck engines and cabs, toterhomes look like someone lifted a large Class A or smaller Class C RV and plopped it onto the flatbed of a semi-tractor trailer; although many toterhomes are now sold wrapped in a decorative exterior shell to create a sleek, cohesive appearance. What these hard-working recreational vehicles may lack in aesthetics, however, is more than made up for in engine power, hauling capacity, storage space and customizing options. Toterhomes are the first choice of race car teams, touring rock bands, country music stars and other folks who want to haul heavy toys across long distances without sacrificing power or comfort.

While these commercial truck conversions are frequently designed to meet the unique needs of their owners, toterhome RVs are generally available in three standard configurations:

  • True toterhomes (i.e., the original configuration for these RVs) feature compact, though comfortable, walk-through living space (up to 16 feet) behind the truck cab with a standard 5th wheel hitch in the rear for maximum hauling capability.
  • Many modern toterhomes are spacious, fully-enclosed, ultra-luxury coaches that offer all the features of premium Class A and Class C RVs, including multiple slides that can increase interior room size by as much as 3.5 feet, central heating and air conditioning, gourmet kitchens, full baths, walk-in closets, premium home theaters, integrated communication and entertainment systems, state-of-the-art security systems, spacious basement storage and the ability to tow a small car or trailer.
  • Garage-style toy haulers offer comfortable living quarters and secure on-board storage for multiple vehicles or a stage full of band equipment.

One of the things that make these customized RVs so popular is that toterhomes can be driven without a special license in most states when used for non-commercial purposes. Some states, however, may require a special license to haul exceptionally heavy or long loads; so check state regulations before hitting the highway. In addition to superior power and hauling ability, toterhomes offer maximum flexibility in configuring the truck bed to the owner’s specifications and ample storage space. Compared to Class A motorhomes, owners say toterhome RVs offer greater highway stability, are safer and easier to drive and can be serviced at any truck stop.