There have always been people with adventuresome souls who sold their homes when they retired, bought RVs and spent their retirement years traveling into the wild blue yonder. Some simply had wanderlust and wanted to spend their golden years taking the ultimate, never-ending vacation. Others were among the original snowbirds, migrating north to south and back again with the birds. They’d spend the cold, snowy winters parked near the sunny beaches of Florida’s Gulf Coast or among the golf course-strewn deserts of the Southwest, then head north to reconnect with family and friends in time to enjoy the first flowers of spring. When the leaves started to fall, they’d pack up and flock back to southern climes.

Today, we call people who have given up their landlocked residences in favor or full-time RV living “full-timers.” Many RV enthusiasts still become full-timers because they want to travel the country or enjoy camping, but the poor economy has swelled the ranks with people looking for affordable housing options. People who have lost their homes to foreclosure, unemployment or natural disaster have found comfort in full-time RV living. Not only can great deals on used RVs be found online, but campground prices and lot rental rates can be downright cheap.

Seasonal workers who serve the tourist trade, seniors who staff national park concessions and gift shops, construction tradesmen who move from one boom area to the next, workers who rebuild areas devastated by natural disasters, and agricultural workers have long embraced full-time RVing. Taking a page from their textbook, unemployed workers are discovering the versatility and comfort of making a RV their primary residence. On average, RV living is cheaper than renting an apartment and doesn’t obligate you to a long-term lease. When the work dries up, it’s easy to pack up the family and travel to where the jobs are. Full-time RVing allows you to keep your family together, enjoy the friendly camaraderie of other RVers, and turn potential disaster into an adventure. Many people who embrace full-time RVing never look back!