RV owners decide to trade in their RVs for any number of reasons, but the big three are size, comfort and maintenance.

  • Size. Young families with active children may want the extra elbow room and storage space a bigger RV offers. On the flip side, once the kids are grown, empty-nesters may want to downsize to a more compact RV that offers greater fuel efficiency and easier maneuverability.
  • Comfort. RV owners who spend a considerable amount of time traveling in their RVs, particularly full-timers, may want a little extra space or a few more amenities and greater luxury while they’re living on the road.
  • Maintenance. Owners of older RVs may want to trade up to newer, greener models that offer better energy efficiency, improved sustainability and less maintenance.

Whatever your reason for deciding to trade in your RV on a new model (or new-to-you used RV), late summer through early fall is a good time to make the switch. Trading in your RV at the end of the summer travel season allows you to enjoy one more season of RV travel in your beloved home-away-from-home. Use those final RV trips to remember the good memories you and your family have shared in your RV before passing the keys to the next family.

Upgrading to a new RV in the fall gives you plenty of time during summer camping trips to check out larger (or smaller) RVs. Cruise the campgrounds, chat with other RV owners and ask for tours of RV models that pique your curiosity. RV owners who are currently using the model you’re considering buying are the best sources of reliable information about its pros and cons.

An early fall trade-in also gives you plenty of time to advertise your RV for sale on RVT.com and monitor online RV ads for a great bargain on your next RV. Purchasing an RV in the fall gives you time for a few shake-down cruises while the weather is still nice, giving you time to get organized and become familiar with your new RV’s systems before the next summer camping season begins. And, best of all, a fall RV purchase ensures that you and your family will have affordable RV transportation should you decide to sneak away for a mini winter escape.