Article by Adam O’Connor, Luxury RV Resorts

Traveling through Canada in an RV can be an exciting adventure. You never know what awaits you just around the corner. In addition to taking in breathtaking scenery, you’ll also be amazed at the people you’ll meet along the way. But, before you start up your engine, it’s important to engage in some advanced planning.

Be an Early Bird
It’s important that you begin planning for your Canadian vacation as soon as possible. You’ll want to determine which campsites are still available and whether you need to go ahead and purchase tickets for special events. Ideally, you should begin planning your vacation at least a year in advance in order to avoid last-minute headaches.

Consult Your Checklist
Before you set out on the open road, you should consult your official vacation checklist. These include things like double-checking your campsite reservations, performing routine maintenance on your RV ( check your batteries less often with RV solar panels), making sure that the major events on your itinerary are actually going on, and the like. In the end, you might be amazed at how much time you can save through such a checklist.

The Family RV Vacation

If you have children, you’ll want to include them in your plans. Members of the younger generation really enjoy vacation planning. You’ll want to include stops along the way that are of special interest to little ones. Also, make sure that there is plenty to occupy them on the road. Pack along a sufficient number of puzzles and games to keep them busy all day long. For the extra messy children on your trips, investing in a washer dryercombo will be a needed extra expense.

RV-ing Without Kids

If you don’t have children, you might plan to take in some cultural attractions during your RV vacation through Canada. For instance, instead of just exploring deserts, mountain ranges, and rain forests, consider taking in a few art museums or some classical music concerts along the way. It’s a good idea to take in these “grown-up” activities before kids arrive-after your first child, you might find that your time is extremely limited.

Other Canadian Adventures

There are a full range of interesting activities you can enjoy during your RV trip through Canada. For example, you might have fun at a jamboree, rodeo, or a highland game. Other entertaining possibilities include regattas, fairs, and festivals.

By Adam O’Connor