Have RV will travel. That’s the motto of a growing number of people who are choosing to mix work with the pleasures and economy of full-time RV life. From entrepreneurs launching mobile businesses to unemployed Americans chasing job opportunities across the country to active retirees looking for a little extra income or make-a-difference volunteer opportunities, people are finding it comfortable, convenient and profitable to combine their home and business lives as full-time RVers.

Technological advances in computer and communication systems have expanded the workplace beyond the traditional cubicle walls. It is now common for people to work remotely from virtual offices in their homes. Full-time RVing adds the attractive dimension of mobility to the mix and is far less expensive than maintaining a home and office, increasing profitability. In an era of continued penny-pinching and high unemployment, the financial benefits and mobility of living and working from an RV have become an attractive option for many U.S. workers.

Full-time RVing makes it easy to travel across the country to pursue job opportunities. Many seasonal jobs actively recruit full-time RVers and some, including national parks, Disney, UPS and Habitat for Humanity, provide full-service RV parks to attract workers. Economic concerns have given rise to an increasing number of RV-based entrepreneurs who provide mobile services to meet clients’ needs. The burgeoning number of full-time RVers has even sparked an upsurge in mobile repair and maintenance services that cater to the RV community.

Buying an RV that will provide a comfortable living and working environment is a matter of personal choice dictated by your finances and space requirements. Experienced full-time RVers suggest buying a used RV to save money and decrease insurance costs. Many full-timers prefer the extra space available in larger Class A motorhomes or 5th-wheel travel trailers, particularly if you’ll need to dedicate space to an office or workroom. RV workers who need workshop space for a repair service might want to consider the flexible space available in toy hauler RVs. Some full-timers consider travel trailers an advantage because they can be parked and the tow vehicle used for local transportation. Others prefer to tow a small car behind their motorhome. Whatever your choice, you’ll find a comprehensive selection of new and used RVs on RVT.com.

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