Article by Michelle O’Connor, RV Tips and Accessories

Living in a trailer park has always had a somewhat negative connotation. It usually brings to mind poor living conditions, mobile homes or manufactured home communities. However, by definition a trailer park is simply an area of land where trailers rest. They can be trailers owned by travelers, retirees or vacationers.

Retirees and RV Parks

Some people who have retired from full time work enjoy traveling state to state by RVing. Those who have moved on from their W-2 jobs into owning their own business, such as opening an Ebay store, like the mobility RVing offers. It’s cheaper than flying, at least in the sense that you can drive for a few days, rest a few months and earn some money before taking off again. Many retirees are well off and simply love to travel from place to place seeing interesting sights and living as full time tourists. It’s more exciting traveling than it is staying at home and watching TV! Depending on how often they travel, retirees may rent land from a trailer park if they know they’re going to be staying several months, or they may even rent an RV resort with full amenities.

Full Time Workers And RV Parks

With the advent of the Internet, more and more people are finding that they can travel by RV while they continue to work full time, especially virtual administrative assistants. While not quite retirement, moving from state to state makes for an interesting life beyond the usual nine-to-five career. What kind of people could possibly work full time and live in an RV? Writers, consultants, and many other telecommuting jobs that are not dependent upon a fixed location allow for full time travel. Keep in mind that many RVs are very spacious, stocked with typical household items and have many modern day amenities. Practically anything you can keep inside a house you can take with you on an RV. (Except maybe a full garden) Just like retirees, nomadic full timers may consistently rent out space in parks rather than constantly spending more money for pricey resorts.

Improvements In RV Parks

While there are plenty of cheap trailer parks that are little more than parking spaces, there are also plenty of recreational parks, that are slightly more expensive and feature more amenities to land renters. Since the quality of the RVs has been improved in recent years — becoming livable homes — so the quality of trailer parks has also increased.

The best thing of all is, when you go RVing full time you don’t have to put up with any negative connotations for long. Just pick up your things and move on to the next park! Just be sure top pack all of your road trip planning supplies before you embark.