The cold winter months when your RV is sitting idle or is parked somewhere warm and sunny until the snow stops flying are a good time to take care of RV maintenance and make any necessary repairs so you’re ready to roll when RV campgrounds start opening in the spring.

RV maintenance is four-fold, requiring attention to the engine that pulls your rig, the various systems you rely on, exterior care of the RV’s body and interior care of the living space:

  1. Engine maintenance. If you own a motorhome, the engine requires the same regular maintenance as your car or truck; although, given the larger size of the typical motorhome and the added wear and tear of pulling a heavy load, RV maintenance will be more extensive. An oil change, lube and fluid check should be performed on a regular basis; and fuel, oil, air, coolant and hydraulic filters should be changed regularly. For safety, keep up with the manufacturer’s scheduled maintenance program, inspect tires and check tire pressure regularly and have an annual brake inspection. If you own a travel trailer or other towable RV, similar maintenance should be performed on the SUV or truck you use to pull your rig. Towable owners should also add hitch/tow and jack/leveling systems to their regular maintenance schedule.
  2. Systems maintenance. The systems you rely on to make RV living enjoyable require periodic inspection and annual cleaning and/or servicing. These may include: generator; fresh, grey and waste water (including valves, filtersĀ and hoses); air conditioner; heating, propane; electrical connections and batteries. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

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