Harris Interactive surveyed U.S. adults in 2010 to understand why people do or would own RVs. (The study results can be found at: http://www.rvia.org/?ESID=pstudy.)

According to RVIA.org (Recreational Vehicle Industry Association),  RV shipments and sales are currently up significantly from the start of the 2008 Great Recession and about ten million more households nationwide have high interest in buying an RV in the future.

According to the survey, both RV owners and non-RV owners agree that  RVing provides an escape from everyday stress and pressure, that RVing allows you to be more physically active than on a typical vacation, and that traveling by RV reduces exposure to illness and other health risks. Both also agree that RVing allows families to spend quality time together and enables families to spend more time enjoying nature and outdoor activities together.

RVing with family can be educational for kids.

RVing with family can be educational for kids.

Other strong purchase motivators for potential future RV buyers are:

  • Kids traveling with families by RV get educational benefits
  • RVers save thirty to sixty percent on a family vacation
  • Couples develop stronger bonds with each other

In addition to vacations, RVs are used for “tailgating, travel with pets and to participate in sports and other leisure activities.” Although we have seen a steady increase in the cost of fuel, RVers adapt by making shorter trips close to home. With 16,000 campgrounds nationwide, there is almost always a great one or two within an affordable distance.

With 16,000 campgrounds nationwide, there is probably a great one or two close by.

There are 16,000 campgrounds nationwide.

Are you one of the ten million households thinking about buying a trailer or motor home one day? If so, perusing the study might help you take the next step. If you are already an RV-owner, are there major advantages to ownership that the study may have missed?

RVT has thousands of recreational vehicles for sale, and our inventory changes daily. Sometimes an RV seller can be an excellent resource for more information. Even if you’re not buying today, you could forge a lasting relationship with someone you may buy from down the road. 🙂

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