Finding it tough to pick up the campground WiFi in many parks I was looking for a solution. I ordered the Long Range WiFi Repeater Kit for RVs

What a pleasant surprise when I was able to pull in weak signals. As an example I was camped at the Rio Grande Village RV area in Big Bend National Park. They had free wi-fi but it was hundreds of yards away near the camp store. Most people had to drag their laptops down to the store area but with the Jefa Tech I was able to hangout in and around my RV and get a good connection.

Also because of its router capabilities I could share the signal to several of my devices. This feature also comes in handy when I buy internet from a company for a short time at a campground. They usually only allow one computer to connect at a time but with the Jefatech I can share the connection.

I’m now in an RV Resort that offers free internet but could not use my Ipad in the RV. We are 100 yards from the WiFi with 10 big rigs blocking the signal. Up went the Jefa Tech and now the Ipad can connect to internet!

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