Looking for a Class A Gas RV?  Well, you’re not alone!  In the past month on RVT.com, we had upwards of 75,000 RV shoppers come onto RVT over 240,000 times and look at more than 1.93 million pages of Class A Gas RVs for sale!

That’s a lot of buyers hunting for a Class A Gas!

So, given the multitude of excellent options and complex choices a buyer can make in the Class A Gas category, you might be asking yourself …

  • Which makes (and which models) are the most popular?
  • Which specific brands get the most buyer attention?
  • What are other buyers – who are buying exactly what I’m buying – looking at most?
  • And, what causes those makes and models to be so popular?

In ranked order, here are the Top 3 Most Viewed Class A Gas RVs – Mid-Year 2016

# 3 – Winnebago Vista 26HE

A simple and straightforward looking RV, the Vista 26HE does not appear to be so huge that it might be hard to maneuver.


It has a handy, optional StudioLoft bed above the driver and passenger seats and so, can sleep up to 6.  Kids love those lofts!



The slide nicely opens up the not-so-huge space for comfort.


Have a look at these Winnebago Vista Reviews.

And, here’s the Low, Average and High price graph for your convenience.

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 10.12.19 AM

Low, Average and High price graph for Winnebago Vista 26HE as at August 2016.

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# 2 – Tiffin Allegro 35QBA

A good size at 35 feet, the Tiffin Allegro 35QBA proves once again (mid 2016) that it’s a very popular RV among Class A Gas buying consumers.


Obviously bigger than the Vista 26HE (and pricier), inside and out, the Allegro 35QBA is a very pleasing design.


Looking forward.


Looking aft.


Gourmet kitchen. Beautiful cabinetry, countertops and backsplash!

And, what’s not to love about these kid-friendly bunk beds?


Models with bunks are so sought after, so in-demand.  Here’s a photo of the master bedroom millwork showing how the bunks fit into the floor plan with respect to the master bedroom.


Interested in seeing how the Tiffin Allegro 35QBA fares over the years as far as re-sale value?  Take a look at this pricing chart below.  It shows low, average and high prices for different years for the units which are currently listed on RVT.  Enlightening, isn’t it?

Low, Average and High price graph for Tiffin Allegro 35QBA as at Aug. 2016.

Low, Average and High price graph for Tiffin Allegro 35QBA as at Aug. 2016.

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# 1 – Fleetwood Bounder 35K

Very popular when you gauge it by RV shopper interest, the Fleetwood Bounder 35K is the most viewed Class A Gas RV of mid 2016.

It comes in a variety of very nice colors inside and out.

Lighter exterior.

Lighter exterior.

The darker full body paint looks impressive!

The darker full body paint looks impressive!

Different interior finishes are available. Booth dinette? Or ...

Different interior finishes are available as well. Booth dinette? Or …

Table and chairs style.

Table and chairs style.

Outdoor TV

Outdoor TV. Perfect for tailgating!

Indoor fireplace.

Indoor fireplace adds to the cozy “feel” of this popular RV.

And especially “cool” for the kids (or grandkids?) – a handy, powered bunk over the cab!


Current pricing chart:

Low, Average and High price chart for Fleetwood Bounder 35K as at Aug. 2016.

Low, Average and High price chart for Fleetwood Bounder 35K as at Aug. 2016.

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We generally get fairly decent Reviews for the Bounder with some exceptions in later years.  Check the Reviews out for yourself here.

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We hope you find it helpful to know which specific Class A Gas units are currently getting the most consumer buyer attention!

Happy shopping!


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