This seems to be a breakout year for ultra-lightweight RVs. Increasing demand for RVs light enough to be towed by a family car has been driving development of ultra-lightweight travel trailers, dubbed “ultra-lites” by many. Across all RV models, RV manufacturers are using aluminum construction and lightweight composite materials to slash tow weights and increase fuel efficiency while maximizing useable space. But nowhere have the results been more impressive than in the new ultra-lite travel trailers.

More Choices

The ultra-lite RV movement has grown from tiny, one-person tear drops to truncated pint-size RVs to today’s nearly full-size ultra-lite travel trailers. For a long time, folding trailers were the only realistic choice for RVers looking for a lightweight tow, but new construction techniques and materials have allowed RV manufacturers to scale travel trailer weight down to the towing capabilities of SUVs, minivans and small pickups. With the introduction of several sedan-towable travel trailers this year, the industry is zeroing in on its goal of producing a full range of ultra-lightweight RVs that can be towed by the average family sedan.

Their Appeal

The ability to hook up your RV to the family car and take off for a weekend adventure appeals to many people, but the necessity of purchasing an appropriate tow vehicle has been a stumbling block many campers would prefer to avoid. By being light enough to tow with your current family car, this year’s new breed of new ultra-lites place RVing within the reach of a whole new group of outdoor aficionados.

A Couple of Ultra Lites to Check Out

• Aluminum construction slashes weight from the ultra-lightweight Camplite, making it towable by a number of full-size sedans, Jeep Wranglers and most minivans—and it’s 98% recyclable!

• Jayco Jay Feather Ultra Lite packs a lot into a small package and can be towed by most SUVs, minivans and crossovers.

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