Technomadia is a word Cherie Ve Ard & Chris Dunphy came up with to describe their lives together. They consider Technomadia to be the name of their personal concept of home, love, relationship and their consciously constructed life together.

They started a blog at when they first hit the road together seven years ago in their vintage bus conversion.

We’d have friends write and ask how we handled logistical things like getting our mail or keeping online.

They began answering their friend’s questions and soon noticed they had a lot of new friends following along.

Cherie and Chris' bus conversion and car.

Cherie and Chris’ bus conversion and car. remains today as primarily a personal blog of two people telling their story of life on the road. And through the years they developed some resources out of the frequent questions folks asked.

One of the more unique angles of RVing that we’ve been able to contribute is our high-tech backgrounds, especially when it comes to mobile technology. We tend to be one of the ‘go-to’ sources for things like mobile internet connectivity.

The couple wrote a book on the topic: The Mobile Internet Handbook. The book gives an overview of the various options from cellular, WiFi and satellite and helps folks figure out what they actually need.

We share because we love to help others quickly get over this logistical hump, and so that we keep ‘in the know’ of new developments in the industry.

They also sell an iPhone/iPad app that they wrote called Coverage. The app overlays the major cellular carriers data maps – which helps them plan their routing around where they can expect connectivity.

Chris and Cherie's Blog Banner

Chris and Cherie’s Blog Banner

Chris and Cherie use social media to make connections with peers. Their primary goal with sharing their adventures is so that when they pull into a new city they have new friends to meet.

The social aspects of blogging, Facebooking, Tweeting, YouTube and participating in forums has been amazing for us. We’re constantly surprised by the abundance of community that sharing our story has brought us and that’s what keeps us inspired to keep sharing.

One indispensable resource over the last seven years fulltiming is community.

By being visible online, we’ve been able to connect with so many peers that we might not have otherwise encountered. From fellow fulltime RVers who are also working on the road, to folks who live stationary and open themselves up to us as nomadic ports along the way. By putting a little of ourselves ‘out there’ online, people are able to find us and invite us over. It’s really helped to supplement the loss of a sense of a ‘local community’ that you give up when you become a perpetual traveler.

Thank your for sharing your story with us Chris & Cherie! It’s likely that many of our readers will appreciate your journey and the contribution your presence makes to RVing community. 🙂

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