With the re-launch of its Nitro brand, Forest River is taking aim at the fast-growing RV crossover market. Today’s RV buyers — and particularly the active baby boomers that are driving RV sales to new heights – want recreational vehicles that will go where they want to go and do what they want to do. RV owners want it all:

  • The comfortable luxury of a residential home with plenty of amenities and high-tech capability, and
  • The carrying capacity to haul all their toys along with them on their cross-country adventures, and
  • The rugged endurance and self-contained systems to trek into the wilderness when they want to off-road and dry camp far away from civilization.

Luxury Plus Function

Crossover RVs like Forest River’s Nitro XLR toy haulers and travel trailers bridge the gap between residential luxury and rugged adventure nicely. Forest River has re-engineered the Nitro with a wider body to allow greater versatility. Lightweight laminated side walls help decrease weight for greater fuel efficiency and towing by a half-ton to 3/4-ton truck. Additional energy-efficient features, such as low-energy LED lighting inside and out and a power awning, decrease generator demands during dry camping adventures.

Maximum Versatility

The beauty of the new crossover RVs is that you don’t have to sacrifice luxury and style for off-road economy. Nitro boasts a sharp, sporty interior with plenty of stylish flare. But it is their versatility that makes these new crossovers popular with such a wide range of RV users. The new wide-body Nitros have no interior wheel wells which increases usable space and maximizes interior versatility. A variety of floor plans offer both open interiors and enclosed garage models. Store your toys, turn the garage into bunk space or use it as an office or workshop on wheels. The new crossover RVs can be whatever you need them to be. And their versatile floor plans and construction allow their uses to change with your interests.

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Nitro brochure on Forest River website http://www.forestriverinc.com/XLR/Nitro/

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