Listen carefully and you can hear America groaning! Income tax booklets have started arriving in the mail. Happily, there’s a bit of silver lining for RVers this tax season. Folks who vacation, live or work from a recreational vehicle may be eligible for a certain deductions on their federal income taxes. That’s good news for the thousands of folks who enjoy the comfortable, carefree RV lifestyle. This year’s RV tax deductions should make life a little easier for cash-strapped families who use their RVs for economical family trips, retirees on fixed incomes who have embraced the affordability of full-time RVing, mobile workers who enjoy the convenience of RV life, and the many other folks who enjoy RVing.

Check with the IRS or your tax consultant to determine your eligibility for specific deductions. Look for these RV tax deductions on this year’s tax return:

> An RV used as second home may qualify as an itemized deduction; but the RV must contain a toilet, cooking facilities and sleeping accommodations.

> If you purchased a new RV this year, you may be able to deduct the sales tax you paid.

> Many states allow deduction of a portion of RV registration fees.

> If you work from your RV or use it for business entertaining or transportation, you may be able to claim certain business deductions.

With the IRS lending a hand, it’s a great time to purchase an RV and take advantage of the incredible online deals available on

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