Green RVs and RVs that use sustainable resources are attracting significant attention from RV buyers. Innovative designs and admirable gas mileage gains are winning an increasing number of converts to the eco-RV movement.

An eco-friendly appreciation of the outdoors has always cast a greenish light on the RV Nation; but simple economics has kept many RV buyers from going green. New technologies typically command a higher price when first introduced and the RV market is no exception. But an industry-wide¬†effort to include green and sustainable features in standard RV models has brought prices down, making “going green” an affordable option these days.

Most RV manufacturers now produce a line of light-weight, more fuel efficient motorhomes and travel trailers. Use of new composite and sustainable materials has allowed RV manufacturers to slash vehicle weights to maximize mpg gain while still producing RVs that offer excellent stability and safety on the road. Solar cells and new generation batteries are standard on many RV models today, and wind turbines are popping up on more models.

ROBRADY Design has embarked on what may be the most ambitious green RV project yet, designing what it calls a completely sustainable luxury motorhome.

The ROBRADY "Sustainability at Rest" RV Concept

The ROBRADY “Sustainability at Rest” RV Concept

Among the vehicle’s unique features are:

  • Solar-panel lined awning and roof,
  • Hydrogen fuel cell alternate power source,
  • Electric vehicle charging station for Vectrix motorcycles and Segways to keep your carbon footprint in check when you reach your destination, and
  • AquaVentus potable water system that uses condensation-capture technology to pull water out of the air.

While the ROBRADY motorhome has yet to see an open road or campground, you can still use the advanced search feature on to search our ads for top green RV manufacturers, including Evergreen, Eco Airstream, Jayco, Earthbound, Roadtrek, Forest River and Coachmen.

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