Enjoy this month’s roundup of interesting RV news items:

How to Survive Severe Weather

Severe weather incidents are becoming disturbingly frequent. The tornados and drenchos that recently ripped through the country are just the latest in a string of dangerous weather events that could turn your next RV vacation into a frightening experience.

Being prepared can help RV travelers stay safe when bad weather strikes. To stay abreast of changing weather, always travel with a smartphone or weather radio receiver is one of seven tips RV expert Mark Polk shared with the Family Motor Coach Association. Owner of highly respected RV Education 101, Mark also recommends developing an emergency evacuation plan as soon as you arrive at a campsite. Click here to read Mark’s 7-step RV emergency weather plan.

Summer Safety Tips for Dog Owners

Traveling with your dog is one of the joys of RV ownership, but summer weather and activities can be hazardous to your pet. On hometownfocus.us, the American Kennel Club offered some excellent summer safety tips for dogs.

Pet lovers know not to leave pets in a closed vehicle on a hot day, but you also need to provide your dog with a shady place to rest and plenty of fresh water when you’re outdoors. Short-faced breeds like bulldogs and Pekingese do not pant efficiently and should be kept inside your air conditioned RV when temperatures climb.

Read the article for more summer safety tips.

RVs May Qualify for Mortgage Interest Deduction

Good news for RV owners, your RV may qualify for the federal income tax mortgage interest deduction. As pointed out by The Spokesman-Review, most RVs meet the IRS “second home” criteria which requires basic sleeping, toilet and cooking accommodations. Talk to your accountant to see if your RV qualifies. You could find out you’re entitled to a nice deduction!

Cash in on that second home deduction and travel the country with a great RV from RVT.com.

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