Here’s this month’s roundup of RV news items.

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“WillPower” Campaign Sponsored by EverGreen RV

In response to Will Mishler’s (EverGreen product engineer Jim Mishler’s son) rare condition – and associated medical expenses – EG is helping to support the “WillPower” campaign, which includes the raffling off of a Stealth Trailer as well as wristbands (you can also make donations). The 6-foot by 12-foot trailer is valued at $5,100.

You can enter the raffle ($5.00/ticket or 5 for $20), buy a wristband for $1.00, and/or make a donation over and above to:

ATTN: J. Neal
P.O. Box 12
Middlebury, IN 46540-0012

RV Sales Growth Continues

Good news for RV dealers and owners: the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association is predicting continued sales growth through the end of 2015. This year’s wholesale RV shipments are expected to increase nearly 9% over last year with an additional 3% increase next year. If predictions pan out, 2015 would mark the sixth consecutive year of RV industry gains.

An upward trending market is also good news for used RV sales. High interest in RV ownership always generates plenty of used RV sales as folks look for affordable ways to enjoy the benefits of RV travel.

All It Needs Is Wings!

If James Bond had an RV, it would be the Terra Wind (click to watch the video), an amphibious motorhome that is equally at home cruising across a lake as it is traveling down the highway. Produced by Cool Amphibious Manufactures International in South Carolina, the Terra Wind offers customizable first class luxury. With a separate marine transmission, the RV can reach 7 knots in the water. A rear swim deck allows for swimming and fishing while you’re afloat. While this house boat on wheels isn’t cheap ($1 million plus), the reaction of startled boaters as you drive into the lake must be priceless!

No More Tank Odors

Holding tank odor is an annoying problem for boondockers. A wind-operated RV vent developed by 360 Products is getting rave reviews for its ability to completely eliminate tank odors without chemicals. Hosts of How to RV Geeks, John and Peter put the new RV Roof Mount 360 Siphon Fume Extractor to the test. Cruising the highway with the new vent installed and toilet valve open, they smelled “absolutely nothing. It was amazing.” To see how the 360 roof vent works, click here to watch the RV Geeks video.

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