Hybrid RV travel trailers are attracting attention from eco-minded and cash-conscious RV buyers. A cross between a standard travel trailer and folding trailer, lightweight hybrid RVs offer better gas mileage and can be towed by light-duty trucks and SUVs, an added bonus for cost-conscious RV owners.

A typical hybrid features the solid body of a conventional travel trailer. When parked, however, the ends fold out like a folding trailer, providing additional tent-like sleeping rooms at one or both ends of the RV. While RV buyers can expect hybrid features to vary somewhat between manufacturers, the 2013 Palomino 213X SolAire available on RVT.com is representative.

The SolAire hybrid travel trailer weighs just over 4,000 pounds, making it a true highway lightweight. This RV has all the standard features found on travel trailers, including a space-expanding slide out. However, this hybrid also comes with triple expandable tents that differentiate it from your typical travel trailer. When extended, these canvas-like tents ends provide additional sleeping space for 6 people, increasing the trailer’s total sleeping capacity from 3 to 9. (Click the link to take a photo tour of the Palomino SolAire.)

The beauty of hybrid RVs for active families and empty nesters is that they add plenty of extra space without increasing the vehicle’s on-road travel length or weight. Designed to be towed by six-cylinder family vehicles, hybrid travel trailers are available in 16-foot to 25-foot lengths with smaller models weighing in around 3,000 pounds. As always when choosing a tow vehicle for your RV, make sure you match the towing capacity of your tow vehicle to the loaded weight of your RV. Check the vehicle’s owner’s manual for tow weight restrictions. If not factory installed, professional installation of the tow package is recommended.

Numerous RV manufacturers offer hybrid travel trailers. Check out all 291 hybrid RV ads (as of the time of this writing) on RVT.com today!

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