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Top 2015 RV Trends – Outdoor Kitchens+

In the past, campers who wanted to cook a meal when they took their RVs on vacation had to make do with...

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Top 2015 RV Trends – Side Entry Toy Haulers+

Things have been ramping up lately and the 2015 RV trends point toward new and exciting products that offer more...

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Most Popular Class A – Gas RVs+

Based on Millions of RVT.com Visitors (Jan 2014 – Jan 2015) *Cover Photo – Top viewed Class A Gas RV – 2010 Forest River Georgetown...

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Love RV’ing, You’re Not Alone – The Trends Show RV Sales Are Way Up+

Hitting the open road is a classic element of the American mythology. It appears that dream is still alive in...

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More Buyers Want an RV with Built-in Luxuries+

Luxury has been a byword of the RV industry since its earliest days. When Pierce Arrow debuted the first production RV...

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“Super Size” Me – RV Trends+

In a world of downsizing and “less is more,” there are still many people who choose to go big with...

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RV Trends- Sturdier For Back country Travel+

The traditional image of a recreational vehicle (RV) is one that takes to the highway with ease by day, then...

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Baby Boomers Are Embracing the RV Experience+

Representing nearly 30 percent of the current U.S. population, the Alliance for Aging Research reports that every 7 seconds yet...

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Truck Camper RVs Are ‘King of Cool’ Among Overlanding Fans+

For a while it looked like the simple truck camper RV had seen its day. Once the go-to recreational vehicle...

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Are you shopping for a portable propane fire pit?+

In twenty-five years of camping, we’ve been through a number of fire pits and fire bowls. Wood-burning fire pits have...

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Guest Post: How to Access Television and Internet on the Road+

This broad overview of on-the-go TV and Internet services comes to us from Karl at Premier Coach Works (www.premiercoachworks.com) –...

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