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Triple E’s Regency Class B++

Bob and Judy Jess gave me a tour of their luxurious 2013 Regency GT29T Class B+ RV. It is a couple’s...

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Have you seen the Safari Condo Alto R Series Trailer?+

The Safari Condo Alto R Series trailer is aerodynamic and light-weight enough to be towed by a compact car or...

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Who Doesn’t Love Bambi?+

I don’t know anybody who isn’t carried off on some cabin-on-wheels fantasy each time they lay eyes on those silver...

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Do You Know Camplite by Livin Lite Recreational Vehicles?+

I recently spotted a bright red travel trailer with an angular design. The color, the size (towed by a sedan...

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When You Decide It’s Time to Sell Your RV, Here’s How …+

It’s your pride-and-joy.  It’s your excuse to get-away to the good times!  And hey, your old RV has almost become...

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Ready to Buy? Maybe not Quite? (Part 2 of 2)+

Last time we covered just some of the items to consider when making your “Shopping List” for the new or...

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Ready to Buy… Maybe? (Part 1)+

I'm not suggesting you don't buy that new or new to you RV. What I am suggesting is that...

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How to Sell Your Used RV+

Believe it or not, there are agreed-upon methods for selling your used RV. And they are pretty simple to boot....

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Ever Go to an RV Show?+

There are lots more reasons to go to an RV show than may initially come to mind. That’s what I...

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How to Buy a Used RV+

So you’ve looked at some new RVs and you have sticker shock. No worries! A used RV can be a...

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Rebounding RV Sales Near Pre-Recession Levels+

Crowds are expected to be heavy at RV shows this winter. RV sales have been rising steadily over the past...

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