I don’t know anybody who isn’t carried off on some cabin-on-wheels fantasy each time they lay eyes on those silver Airstream trailers. I know they sweep me off my feet. I recently met a very happy couple, Dennis and Peggy, proud owners of a sixteen-foot Bambi Sport Airstream travel trailer.

They’ve been taking vacations in their Bambi for two years and they say that they love it just as much today as they did the first week that they got it. They’ve even personalized and honored their Bambi with a portrait of their faithful travel companion, Puck. “Bambi is our third and current small trailer that we got in 2012 and we LOVE it. We already had a Cadillac SRX and we decided anything we bought would have to be towed by it. This trailer fit the criteria.”

Peggy in front of their Bambi. Puck the poodle's picture in the left-hand corner of picture.

Peggy in front of their Bambi. Puck’s picture in the left-hand corner of picture.

Airstream first introduced their travel trailers in the 1930’s. http://www.airstream.com/travel-trailers/ In spite of the Great Depression, Airstream survived. Wally Byam’s company really took off in the 1940’s. The owner of Airstream led a caravan of trailer owners beyond American borders for the first time in the 1950’s. (Wouldn’t you have loved to be one of those RVers?)

Sadly, in the 1960’s Wally Byam passed away but lucky for all of us, the Airstream lived on. The 1970’s and 80’s brought many changes to the earlier Airstreams. And the rest is history! Since the 1980’s Airstream has experienced great success that has lasted until today.

Airstreams are built to last. Ones from the 1930’s are still around today. Airstream boasts in their website’s history section “Airstream is the most thoroughly tested brand in trailer history…With Airstream, there is no planned obsolescence…They are intended as a lifetime investment in happiness.”

Through the Sport Line of Airstreams, Bambi was introduced. It has ample sleeping quarters, full bath, high-end electronics and storage. It has a one-axle chassis and can be handled easily in and out of traffic.  It can be towed by a sports utility vehicle or the family car.

Bambi Sport by Airstream has a one-axle chassis.

Bambi Sport by Airstream has a one-axle chassis.

The floor plan of the Bambi Sport 16 oozes cozy comfort. Dennis and Peggy said that their other criteria for buying their current RV was:

–      “We wanted a bed that we didn’t have to convert to seating and back to a bed every day. Perfect for afternoon naps or if one person wanted to retire to bed in the evening before the other.

–     “It was time we had a bathroom for convenience, especially through the night!

–     “It had to accommodate Puck, our Labradoodle, ….wet or dry.

–     “Air conditioning.

–     “Most of all…we knew we wanted an Airstream.”

But this little darling is not cheap! Prices for the new smallest Sport line travel trailers start in the low forty-thousand-dollar range.

Feel free to take a look through RVT.com’s classified to find new and used Airstreams in your area.

Proud owners of Bambi trailers attest to the happiness they endow. When I asked Dennis and Peggy what improvements they’ve made to their Bambi, they said “It’s an Airstream….no improvements required! Other than adding our own splashes of colour we haven’t really needed to do any tweaks. We are delighted with the perks like the bathroom of course, TV, screen door, attached awning, air conditioning, and to us, the space. The Airstream Bambi is an exercise in efficiency, convenience and quality build …just an awesome small trailer. We can go anywhere.”

Happy travels to everyone and happy camping!

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