It’s your pride-and-joy.  It’s your excuse to get-away to the good times!  And hey, your old RV has almost become part of the family!

You love that old thing!

But sadly, when the time comes, every RV owner knows that – somehow – they have to find a good, new home for their much-loved RV.

So, if that’s you, and you know it’s time to sell your RV – for whatever reason – here are a couple of Quick Tips for you …

 1.  Early summer (like now!) is the best time.  Do not wait.

  • Sure, RVs sell all year long.  Not even a question.

But …

  • Hundreds of thousands of buyers are thinking about … longing for … chomping at the bit – right now – to get out camping!
  • Take advantage – now – when there are hoards of buyers in the market.

2.  Sell privately.

  • Some folks believe it’s difficult (even scary!) plus time consuming to sell your own RV privately but, take a quick look at the reviews on from some of our sellers.
  • People sell privately all the time.  And, they actually enjoy the experience!
  • Give it a try.

3.  But, do yourself a favor.  Build a decent listing using these 4 easy steps.

  • Buyers click past poorly created listings, so, choose whatever listing package you want – from no-cost to $99 and then …
  • Take decent photos (and remember, the more photos you have, the more calls you’ll get!)
  • Describe all the cool things you like about that amazing RV you’re selling – you are allowed to use as many words as you like in your RVT listing – and research proves, real buyers read the ENTIRE description.
  • And actually, video helps as well.

4.  Just do it!

  • When you know it’s time for your RV to go, why wait?

And, here’s to you connecting with buyers who are just waiting to get out camping – in your old RV!

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