Buying a park model RV is a bit more like buying a house than buying an RV. Classified as recreational vehicles because they have a wheeled base and can be moved, park models are not designed for frequent traveling like other RV types. Originally developed to serve as seasonal or temporary housing, their wheeled base allows park model RVs to be towed to a location where they generally remain for months, often years.

These mini homes – park models are legally limited in size to 400 square feet — have become increasingly popular over the last few years. Typically used to provide affordable low cost, low maintenance vacation housing, like a cottage on the beach or a cabin in the woods, park model RVs come in one-, two- or three-bedroom models that also feature a full-size bathroom, living and dining areas, kitchen with full-size appliances, and often a laundry room. Many new park models also feature lofts, crown moldings and other upscale architectural details popular in residential homes. Because outdoor add-ons are only limited by the space of the lot on which the park model sits, many owners dramatically increase usable space by adding covered porches, large patios or decks with outdoor grills and fire pits, and storage sheds…Continue to Full Article.