Adding video to your online RV sales ad is proving to be a powerful technique for closing online RV sales. If a photo is like a 1000 words, then a video is like sitting down for an afternoon of friendly conversation with potential RV buyers. RV buyers are drawn to online classified RV ads that show them what they’re buying. Adding video to your online RV classified ad — it’s absolutely FREE on — allows you to take buyers on a virtual walk-through of your RV. For buyers, it’s the next best thing to actually being there!

Adding free video to your online ad allows you to walk potential buyers through your RV and point out its unique features. Start outside and chat about construction, systems, condition and maintenance while you pan in for close-ups of hookup and systems controls. Demonstrate how easy it is to extend your power awning or how quickly your folding trailer sets up. Direct a spotlight into storage spaces to show their size.

As you walk inside your RV, stop in the cockpit for a detailed discussion of special features with plenty of zoom-in close-ups. Remember to pan back to give RV buyers a sense of size and space. Pan down the length of your RV then move into each room, opening closets, cupboards and appliances as you go.

Taking RV buyers on a virtual video tour of your RV by adding video to your RV ad is guaranteed to sell your RV fast!