Looking for an RV that won’t bust your budget? Want to try out the RV lifestyle but not ready to make a full-scale investment? Economically-priced pop-up trailers and truck campers are just the ticket. These low-weight towable RVs generally weigh in at less than half a ton, light enough to be pulled by a pickup or family sedan. A fraction of the cost of buying a large, luxury motorhome, prices for truck campers and pop-up trailers range from about $15,000 to $30,000, much less when you shop online for used RVs on RVT.com.

  • A truck camper is a removable camper body that clamps onto a standard pickup truck bed. They typically sleep 2 to 6 and include compact cooking facilities, refrigerator, sink, self-contained toilet, heating/cooling capabilities, water tank, LP gas and separate electric.
  • Pop-up trailers, also called tent trailers, are folding tents built into a trailer body that collapse flat for towing. The least expensive type of RV, pop-ups are light weight enough to be towed by standard mid-size cars, sometimes even compacts. They typically sleep up to 6 on convertible beds and include basic compact cooking facilities, small fridge, sink, heater, water tank, LP gas and separate electric. Toilets are not usually included. Newer models may feature rigid roofs and lift-assist setup.

Many RVers appreciate the convenience of light-weight towable RVs. They’re small enough to store in the garage or behind your home so there are no storage fees involved. They’re convenient. During the travel season, you can leave them loaded with essentials so you’re ready to clamp on or hitch up and go whenever the spirit moves you. If you’re looking for a low-cost way to enjoy the RV lifestyle, check out the huge selection of RVs for Sale on RVT.com.

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